Zombie girl’s clothing PS4 launched the female high school zombie hunters 9c8996

Zombie girl clothes "transmission PS4 launched the TGS 2016 project stand D3 Publisher recently" Zombie Hunter High School Girl (September 15, 2016) open PS4 exclusive shooting game "Zombie Hunter (female high school students, in school, gas,, Harbin, the group," the game "), and Rose (strong woman and her team field, lumira" series) clima using the same world setting, scheduled in January 12, 2017 on sale. This is to be a zombie surrounded by a school ‘senior high school stage fog cable ", described the five female high school students in order to survive and fight" riot shooting action game ". This time except for detailed information disclosure of five characters, also discloses one after another to create a mysterious man ‘zombie Lotus’, and belongs to the zombie army crusade "ZPF" memorable role of "Anna" and other intelligence. In addition, this is also equipped with as long as the girl hurt, the clothes will be "clothes torn (the clothes split system leak the leak and electrical engineering,)". In the face of one after another attack of the zombies, how to protect their own clothes (or how in the minimum floor before do not protect the clothes, it seems) is a test of the viability of the set. With the exception of a zombie that appears to be present in this work, it will react to clothing, especially the clothes that have just taken off. So they took off their clothes and tried to use them as bait…… And the final result, please wait for follow-up reports相关的主题文章: