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Zhang Zhong, chief economist of the interpretation of the U.S. white house big data white paper Tencent technology news big data has entered the 2 era, in the crowded big data market how to better compete to survive? The White House released the latest big data white paper through the analysis of the study gives the answer. The day before, Walton School of business professor, chief economist Zhang Zhong points for the interpretation, he said: "the white paper data for a large application value for research, a big data application boom, domestic enterprises also draw the research conclusion from the development direction of their adjustment. Among them, the white paper focuses on the big data technology and marketing closely linked, which the big data differentiated pricing is a key elaboration. As the world’s top marketing model experts and economists, Professor Zhang Zhong focuses on personalized pricing, corporate competitive strategy, etc.. He said: U.S. companies are trying to distinguish between pricing, but many companies do not disclose the experiment, but it is certain that big data has made it possible to distinguish between pricing." Big data makes it possible to distinguish between the latest White House big data white paper around differentiated pricing mainly answered two questions, one of which is that big data makes it possible to distinguish between pricing. Because of the role of big data technology for precision marketing, consumers can have a more clear insight into the broader use of differentiated pricing. But what are the consequences of the need for government regulation or legislation? To answer this question, we must first study two different pricing methods: the first, based on customer value pricing. Different customers from the value of the product is not the same, the enterprise can be different pricing, from which to capture more value. The use of large data method, the difference between pricing can become more and more sophisticated, not only the elderly, young people to distinguish, but also specific to men and women, North and south, the specific number of years. If the data is large enough, kind enough, for each customer can get a thorough understanding of the price varies from person to person. As a result, the application of big data can help companies break through the value created in the market. But after understanding each customer, will not cause customer complaints? For example, big data now support a lot of variable pricing". Variable pricing refers to the different prices of product quality is not the same, such as iPhone, if sold at a lower price, there may be some features will be adjusted. In this way, everyone pays the price is not the same, the quality of the product will have some slight difference. In the era of big data, variable pricing may become more common. The paper found that the comparative advantages and disadvantages, for differential pricing brings bad influence has related laws in various legal constraints, such as the gap between rich and poor has been introduced, the government does not need to carry out legislation. This conclusion is based on economics, which has been discussed for many years, namely, "is it more beneficial to society at a price or price?" The conclusion is that multiple prices are more beneficial. Because, through the use of big data method, can be different for different customer pricing, product will produce more, sell more, create more value. As shown in the figure: according to the user different pricing.相关的主题文章: