Yu Qiuyu’s cultural enlightenment rather than do not succeed in doing a very successful villain mcncc

Culture: Enlightenment of Yu Qiuyu Ning do not succeed the gentleman does not do a very successful villain – Beijing, China News Agency, Lanzhou, September 1 (reporter Feng Zhijun) "would be a less successful gentleman, not a successful villain", recently just over 70 years old Yu Qiuyu 1 in Lanzhou is exhorted young people. He said, China culture to do subtraction, not only do addition, subtraction can show their physique and strength, but also the way to become a gentleman. In September 1st, Yu Qiuyu guest Lanzhou Jincheng "forum". In more than two hours of the report, the old man just seventy years of age with the change of the Silk Road in the main vein, through the annalistic style form, systematically analyzes the changes of Chinese cultural history. Or because Yu Qiuyu had with his contract after 70 years no longer speech "the reason, the Yellow River is located in the shore of the Lanzhou Concert Hall on the same day All seats are occupied. Yu Qiuyu, a famous contemporary essayist, cultural scholars, art theorist, cultural historian. His masterpiece "cultural journey", "mountain" and other essays, notes, open the door for the return of cultural prose in the new period, have made outstanding contributions. But for many young people, and the first time the "acquaintance" may be in the middle school textbooks that famous "Taoist tower". After the Allied forces invaded Beijing, he found a cave, which is a coincidence? Yu Qiuyu said that the Chinese national humiliation history said that at the end of nineteenth Century and early twentieth Century, China in the moment of danger, the Chinese culture through the mysterious power of the germination, "like a beaten up dying on the ground, suddenly heard a childhood song, then stumbled stood up, this is the culture of the enlightenment". "We are not in the cultural enlightenment doomed eternally, and we had to mark may perish." He believes that Chinese ancient rulers with the Great Wall hold agricultural civilization, but also actively open up the Silk Road to the western regions, it is one of the best model in the world, "no boundaries and no boundaries, China Shou" in this area in the world to do first. Yu Qiuyu said, as a very important China culture in the main vein of a vein, the silk road is an oasis and an oasis, the world civilization together. "On earth, I can not find another way, such as the Silk Road to undertake such a brilliant human civilization." He finally exhorted young people said, drink good lickerish good when living in poverty, but a good life now advocate to lose weight, China culture also is such, only do subtraction can show their physique and strength, do not do the gentleman villain, much to do with people, people bring a romance to a happy ending. To be a gentleman, not to be a villain, this is also the conclusion of subtraction after Chinese culture. (end)相关的主题文章: