Yinrun reckless waste Ji Xinjiang starting Hawick Lau Wang Ou costume debut (video) cashmere mafia

Yinrun "" reckless waste Ji Xinjiang starting Hawick Lau Wang Ou costume debut "reckless waste Ji" on Hawick Lau Wang Ou once again to join the Tencent Wuerhe entertainment news from Beijing Tianyue Oriental Culture Media Co. Ltd., Shanghai Yinrun media advertising Ltd. oriental legend blockbuster drama "reckless waste Ji" in Xinjiang on October 8, 2016 opening ceremony. The same day, the director Huang Zuquan with the main actors Hawick Lau, Wang Ou, Chen Yifei and other actors in the drama of the full play, such as Zhao Yuxi, Li Wei. Hawick Lau, Wang Ou costume stunning debut, carefully crafted for the drama of the giant mammoth model looms in the boot scene together to play the suction eye campaign! After waiting for the legendary blockbuster final boot boot ceremony held in Xinjiang city in the first Karamay devil shooting, Tin Yuet East, Yinrun media produced company representatives have attended the event. TV drama "reckless waste Ji" will promote the Chinese traditional culture as one of the important goals. Karamay municipal Party Committee Propaganda Department minister, Karamay Municipal Bureau of Cultural Affairs and other representatives of the Secretary General attended the opening ceremony. At the ceremony, director Huang Zuquan and other creative expressions of TV drama "jungle Ji" vision and expectations, Karamay municipal Party Committee Propaganda Department, Karamay Municipal Cultural Bureau expressed heartfelt wishes for the TV drama "the record of the jungle". The cast joint Chupin to announce "reckless waste Ji" project officially start. Hawick Lau Wang Ou for the first time on the same stage costume giant mammoth Qiangjing starting ceremony on the same day, Hawick Lau Wang Ou for the first time in costume debut on the same stage, highlighting the model is more understanding every word and action, CP sense, again cooperation has made two people cooperation opponents play more at ease. Hawick Lau’s handsome Ji Ning Kennedy, played by Wang Ou Yu Wei and Yan beauty, the perfect combination of values of envy. On site impressively towering huge monster – Mammoth is one of the highlights of the day, as first announced the "jungle Ji" model of mammoth, the production of sophisticated degree of reduction degree of simulation are very high, showing the extent of "reckless waste Ji" crew of exquisite props. In the play, Ji Ning was born in remote tribal Ji, has a strong sense of justice. The law of the jungle in the jungle world, Ji clan by the alien invasion, the sad experience to leave the shadow of Ji ning. Yu Wei and young were miezu disaster, was only saved by the Taoist temple was spared. Ji Ning and Yu Wei had a similar experience, so that they can understand each other, but also one of the eyes of others created by nature, but they do not know my heart, slowly through the tiny details, but also shows their minds. Yinrun into the "magic" century big fun debut as everyone knows, Yinrun media in 2016, spending huge sums to build more "magic" drama! Which directed by Ma Chucheng, Tony Leung, Wu Yifan, Tang Yan, cuckoo starring cool magic action comedy, the European Raiders have been shot in europe. Now, a Yinrun media co production, jointly issued $300 million carefully crafted platinum IP "" reckless waste Ji also in the No. 8 strong boot! It is reported that the World tyrants sing original, Hai Yan screenwriter, director Ryoko Yoshiki Yinrun IP project "Kunlun market" will exit the trek, shooting the pilot trailer on the Director under the leadership of Ryoko Yoshiki. Yinrun three big all entered the stage of practical operation, will.相关的主题文章: