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Yet Victoria Song’s fantasy princess head no longer "hot eye" Intro: "-" started in July when the eye pupil and the effects of hot let spectators hold "to protect their eyesight, cherish life" attitude have diving, a group of pictures recently exposed but take all blown out: it didn’t play God end?! Victoria Song’s hair is white…… (source: PClady) Victoria Song Silver Princess head no longer "hot eye" "-" on broadcast more than three months, in almost all people to be worn out of patience to forget this when the crew exposed the latest stills to let everyone suddenly react — "it hasn’t finished"…… The length of the drama of the front of the groove point is not surprising, the key Xiaobian pleased to find that eating melon people get to another noteworthy focus: Victoria Song played pear shaped to reach the peak ah! Pear pear falls in the fall is set with valiant character keep and maintain peace messenger divine fortitude warrior, so before her hair, mostly with beauty does not pull what relationship: side bangs half tie hair "bodyguard standard", make people difficult to understand the "messy side beauty" series twist, silly white sweet type heavy Qi bangs…… No wonder the ice prince she and William Feng’s Castle feelings have been ups and downs, sometimes hair NG, you really could "with God not Yuebuyue". The new princess wind hair pear drop can make you shine at the moment, there is not only a head of hair due to hair Princess wind let everyone smell a sweet breath before Happy Ending. I love the most beautiful woman, the prince finally got on hand pear drop happiness and this side in the eyes of the princess with head for half couldn’t be match. But small to sigh is a pear drop girl, forehead strands of hair sideburns down freely, like inadvertently touched the song Qianlve significantly rounded face, the Xian Mido raised a level. "Hermione" version of "beauty and the beast" high-profile "Hermione" version of "beauty and the beast" recently for the first time exposure of the real. Wearing a yellow dress, combing her hair Princess and Prince beast dance Hermione, a look that is a fairy tale creature only ah, even a friendly network commented "it is even better than the original you". It seems that since ancient times, the princess with the prince is not a lie, origin can not be important, at least like a princess. Princess Princess Elmar of the head head of this hairstyle is the standard, the typical western face contour in the side to fully adapt to the other half comes, just perfect curvature and slightly arched top hair and golden brown hair color European classical style palace elegant Princess wind interpretation did not fall. Hsu Chi Vogue in November 3rd to celebrate the eleven anniversary of Hsu Chi, unexpectedly also comb a young girl full of gas princess head, partial side the top side of a hairstyle and fluffy and make her a gentle temperament, the woman suddenly became a complex of young girls and gentle wife, Mrs. Feng must be at home is much loved mr.. Angelababy was also her husband into a small public!相关的主题文章: