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Ye Zuxin was forced to levy land home parents were dozens of people control the Tencent entertainment news September 27th morning, Ye Zuxin issued a document called the land and crops home forcibly imposed, and parents in advance Street cadres and village cadres did not sign any agreement, no one to go home to do any work and comfort. Even more shocking is that dozens of people also forced control of nearly 60 of the two years old people, not to the scene of the incident. In this regard, he said, "I just feel bad and remorse, when my parents need me most, I can not accompany you."! As a son, I feel deeply ashamed!" Ye Zuxin, micro-blog: I’m from Zhejiang, Quzhou! I, my parents, have lived in the countryside, including now! I’ve always been proud of me as a Quzhou man! I’m proud that I’m the son of a farmer! But I’m surprised at what happened today! Mom called me and cried! I feel sad. We agreed and supported the village expropriation of land for sewage treatment, but there was disagreement over the area! But today, street cadres and village cadres did not sign any agreement with their parents, no one went home to do any work and appease the circumstances, directly pushed the land and crops, forced levy! And my parents were not allowed to go to the scene! I want to know, two years, nearly 60 of the elderly can do? Do you need dozens of people to control? Even if they have nothing, they still have me! So they don’t do stupid things! I know my mom and dad. I’ve always been a part of it. I believe everyone who has met my mom and dad knows it! They never tell me anything, for fear of affecting my work and my mood! At this moment, I can understand your helplessness and helplessness! In fact, I always think our government in Quzhou is doing a good job! It’s very humane in dealing with things! But what happened today, as a Quzhou entrepreneur who worked hard and worked hard, I was shocked! I just feel bad and blame myself, when my parents need me most, I can’t be with you! As a son, I feel deeply ashamed! >

叶祖新老家土地遭强行征收 父母被几十人控制 腾讯娱乐讯 9月27日凌晨,叶祖新发文称老家的土地与农作物被强行征收,事先街道干部和村干部没有和爸妈签任何协议,没有人去家里做任何工作与安抚。更令人震惊的是,几十人还强行控制两个年近60的老人,不让去事发现场。对此,他表示“我只是难受与自责,在爸妈最需要我的时候我不能陪伴在你们身边!作为儿子,我深感惭愧!”叶祖新微博原文:我是浙江衢州人!我,我的爸妈一直生活在农村包括现在!我一直以我是衢州人为骄傲!我以我是农民的儿子而骄傲!可是今天发生的事我惊讶了!妈妈给我打电话哭了!我心疼!村里征用土地用作污水处理,我们同意并支持,但是在面积上有所分歧!但是就在今天街道干部和村干部在没有和爸妈签任何协议,没有人去家里做任何工作与安抚的情况下直接把土地与农作物推了,强行征收!而且还强行控制我爸妈不让去事发现场!我想知道,两个年近60的老人能干嘛?需要几十人控制吗?即使他们什么都没有了他们还有我!所以他们不会做傻事!我了解我爸妈,一直本本份份,相信接触过我爸妈的人都了解!他们有什么事情从不会和我说,怕影响我的工作与心情!此时此刻我是多能体会你们的无助与无奈!其实我一直认为我们衢州政府的政府工作做的很好!在处理事情上都很人性!但是今天发生的,作为一个努力在外创业,拼搏的衢州人我很震惊!我只是难受与自责,在爸妈最需要我的时候我不能陪伴在你们身边!作为儿子,我深感惭愧!>相关的主题文章: