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Internet-and-Business-Online You may be doing your research & .e across other Xango reviews. This article is designed to be the the mother of all Xango Reviews and answer the question on many peoples mind: Xango, Scam or real money maker? What is Xango? It is a .pany that market a premium beverage called Xango Juice. It is a privately run business called Xango LLC which is based in Utah. They operate internationally and market in the U.S, Canada, Mexico, Japan, Germany and Malaysia. The founder and board member is Joe Morton and they have over 1,000,000 independent distributors of their product. The Product – The Juice is a dietary supplement from the "Mangosteen" fruit. The "Mangosteen" is a fruit grown in southeast Asia and other tropical climates. They also have other spin off products that revolve around the "Mangosteen". Glimpse is a skin care product from the "Mangosteen" fruit. The range includes a Gel Cleanser, Serum, Toner, Moisturizing cream and lotion. They also have a Vitamin and Mineral supplement called "3Sixty5". Another unique product offered is their Goodness Meal Pack. It is a meal replacement product that is designed to help people in the third world. Each distributor has the opportunity to buy meal packs that will benefit other people in needy parts of the world. The .pensation Plan – This is based on your volume of sales, personally and your team. The payouts can be received weekly, monthly or quarterly. The weekly payouts are called Power Start and reward the first two qualified distributors based on a new distributors initial sales order. The monthly .mission pays out on 9 levels and the .pany report that they pay out 50% on all .mission-able volume. The Quarterly bonuses are for distributors that are qualified "Premiers" (a .pensation plan title) or above and share 3% of global sales each quarter. Xango, Scam or big money maker? The verdict – I can see that this opportunity offers a quality and ethical product. I believe the ethical side alone is a very very strong sales point for distributors. Like most network marketing opportunities the .pensation plan lends itself to a wealth of potential to generate a good in.e. For this article to earn the title of "The mother of all Xango Reviews" and directly address the question: Xango, Scam or big money maker? I do not believe this .pany is a scam. The challenge I can see with this business is the fact that you need consistent sales month after month to really stand a chance to succeed. For this to be possible you need to have a good .work of distributors with strong duplication, emphasis on the word duplication. Whether you are marketing the product or opportunity you need to have a very reliable system to market on auto pilot. A system that is easy to use and duplicate in your team. If you can harness such a system within your business I can see great potential for success. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: