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Worship God! Jiangxi team in 1 Games SMG 84 million 420 thousand wrong less money together to buy the 1 team 84 million 420 thousand 500 million Jiangxi Jingcai awards October 26th, Sina reported a 12 million 550 thousand lottery prize from Shaanxi Jingcai, since Jiangxi and Fujian were found 52 million 750 thousand and 1912 million SMG award. Sina lottery found after verification, the three SMG award in fact is a SMG buy team in the total prize money of up to 84 million 420 thousand yuan. According to the Shaanxi and Fujian lottery lottery reported, the SMG buy team from Jiangxi on October 22nd on Saturday after a study of the selected 8 matches the bet, bet on 9, including 8 8 28, 8 56 series and 8 series on the four bet 70. And in Shaanxi, Fujian, Xiamen, Nanping, Jiangxi, Shangrao, Ji’an, Fuzhou, provinces of the votes of the six. 8 games the team chose a bold as shown above, in addition to buy team betting Leverkusen main negative, the other 7 games are selected to get the ball flat, the 2 Bundesliga championship, 3 games, 3 games in league, betting choice is very bold. In the last one Oldham VS Bristol Rangers game, the visiting team in eighty-eighth minutes into the second ball, the final 2-0 win. Although the wrong one, but due to the fault tolerance and times cast, the bonus is still considerable. Have in the grand prize, buying team is shunt attack, Mr. Zhao is one of the members of the group to buy is to Shaanxi to receive the 12 million 550 thousand prize in the local reports, see SMG 12 million 550 thousand winner makeup appeared byoyomi lore was lost 100 million | figure. Zhang Shuai, another member of the first to receive a 19 million 120 thousand prize in Fujian, and in Jiangxi received a huge bonus of $52 million 750 thousand. In just a few days time, this group to buy the team to become Shaanxi, Fujian, Jiangxi and even the country’s color session of the headlines, can be described as no two. What’s interesting is the two winners on the stage are quite relaxed, not wearing the mask, not only blocked, wearing a mask is openly in front of the camera, and Zhang Shuai even said "next time (again Award) I will not wear masks true appearance!"相关的主题文章: