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Mo-tse satellite launch delayed why? The chief scientist to disclose the reasons – Sohu Military Channel Map: 1:40 on August 16, 2016, China’s Jiuquan satellite launch center in the Long March two Ding Yunzai rocket successfully will be the world’s first quantum science experimental satellite (referred to as "quantum satellite launch") (photos). Photo by Xinhua News Agency reporter Jin Liwang Xinhua Shanghai September 21 Xinhua: quantum communication three focus topic how to see the chief scientist Pan Jianwei – quantum satellite dialogue from the August 16th world first quantum science experimental satellite successfully launched the "Mo-tse" has been more than a month. The theory of meaning is not afraid of any eavesdropping in quantum communication, Shuabing at the same time, whether can the real question is not absolutely safe, scientific research has been abandoned by Europe and the United States, can be heard without end. Favorable capital market, but also to many quantum concept "yiyongershang". From the collision point Collider built or not, to the question of quantum communication, scientific debates, but also divided into true and false welcome. 20, executive vice president of University of Science & Technology China, Chinese Academy of Sciences, quantum information and Quantum Science and technology innovation center director Pan Jianwei academician in "dialogue Zhangjiang" activities in Shanghai, some problems of quantum communication explained. Safety: how about the anti – jamming ability? Is it stable enough? Days after the quantum satellite, the network has questioned the article said that this is not the United States and Europe do not play in the field? If Europe and the United States are not good, we can do it? In the field of international competition in the field of quantum communications, Pan Jianwei said that China is leading, Europe and the United States are stepping up the layout. For example, recently, the United States National Science and Technology Commission (NSTC) issued a report entitled "the development of quantum information science: challenges and opportunities for the country" report. In May this year, the European Commission in Holland, held in Amsterdam, the European quantum conference announced plans to start the 1 billion euros quantum technology flagship program. "In the past, our scientific research and the number of years of running too long, many people even think that good things have to follow in Europe and the United States is reasonable, this feeling is not good. That’s why we named Mo-tse." Pan Jianwei said that Mo-tse was the first experiment proved that light travels along a straight line, put forward the concept and Newton’s law of inertia particle shape, so it is called "branch saint". "We want to use the name to remind you that Chinese people can also do a good science. Once upon a time, there are now, in the future there will be more." For the security of quantum communication, the network has questioned the voice that if a password information eavesdropping, will change the state of quantum hacking exposed, a password will be discarded; then, if the password hacking has existed, has been abandoned, is not meant to never transfer key in fact, the absolute security at the expense of the transmission stability? Faced with this challenge, Pan Jianwei responded that the above description of the state, the communication process is caused by interference. If the interference has been going on, other modes of communication cannot continue. Whether it is quantum communication, or traditional communications, if you want it can not be carried out, the cost of interference is the same. "Resistance to traditional communication".相关的主题文章: