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Love, why do we love "experienced" – Sohu technology to choose a suitable partner importance needless to say. Not carefully selected our male slag, the consequences will be grievous. On the road to true love, not only have the subjective will of participation, but also the subconscious". The study found that, under the same conditions, the experience of love is more popular than the novice who has zero experience. In other words, those who have been chosen for active duty are more popular. This phenomenon is called "mate selection" (mate copying). The principle of "mate selection" can be understood as: after seeing someone else (TA’s predecessor) "well", he also wants to try (TA). Having a love experience means that they have a "special quality" (because they have been in favor of one or more people) and that these traits are likely to be very good for you. Men and women, regardless of gender or in a sense, the former existence is in fact to the quality of TA "endorsement" is indirect evidence of TA’s "good" degree. The existence of the former, in fact, indirectly provides some information about the TA. But what is the use? Well, if you want to make an important decision (and who love) you need some relevant information, convenient decision making. Know that TA has "chosen" as good as the additional information that is useful to help you make a decision. But on this issue and. Gender differences in physiology. A large number of literary works tell us that men tend to value each other’s physical fitness (appearance + age). In contrast, women are more concerned about those second eyes (wealth + character). Men simply observe, you can know whether the girl is suitable, but this is obviously not enough for women. Women need more information. The quickest way to inquire how his other women, especially he is suitable for dating. Although there are a small number of men who choose to get the girl from the peer evaluation, but a large number of literary works to testify again, the number of women doing so much more. One reason for this is that men don’t need a mate choice". Men get little information from their companions. Then…… Have flowers? No matter you have not heard of "mate copy", you may have heard of "ring effect". In simple terms, the ring effect refers to a man wearing a wedding ring, more popular, because he obviously has received at least one specific (his wife) of all ages, and are willing to marry him. If a man is more popular, and has many excellent characteristics (because there is a willing partner, then it yishenxiangxu) "ring effect" should be set up is. In fact, however, there is no evidence that married men are more likely than single men. A big reason is that married men and women are more difficult to. Moreover, the pursuit of a married person is morally justified. No "The more, the better." in the lift相关的主题文章: