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PPC-Advertising Sometimes that review bug just hits me enough to drop everything Im doing and write a review on a new innovative idea. Not sure its a coincidence or just plain luck, but another Google Adwords course has just been released called Copy N Profit. The fundamental philosophy behind this Google Adwords Course is that you dont have to guess at success, you just simply copy what works and run with it. In fact even one of the testimonials given on this page is that Bill Gates didnt spend years testing and trying to find out what worked, he had others do it and simply took their ideas and made a fortune with them. I guess what Im saying is that since Ive seen quite a few big marketers on their site endorsing this Google Adwords Course, and since Ive seen quite a few emails going out about this, Id give it my personal opinion, both good and bad. Let me start with the negative first. My first impression is with all the people that will probably end up purchasing Copy N Profit, I think only a few Beta Testers will get real value out of the actual campaigns theyre selling. Thats not to say it might not work to an extent, but when you have 1000 or more people setup similar campaigns in similar niches, its just not gonna produce the same result as it would if you discovered it on your own. And this is the core .ponent they are promoting with the Copy N Profit Google Adwords System. However, and ironically not advertised much but down towards the bottom of the sales page, they did say they would teach anyone how to setup campaigns like this using a step by step blueprint style method. Right now Jeff West and myself are learning the basics of Google Adwords. We are learning a ton of stuff. What we do know is that a Blueprint Style Methodology can teach you a lot, so there IS value in this just because of this, but the only way to make an Adwords Campaign successful in the long run is to do a lot of testing, find out the keywords that are converting and drop the ones that arent producing. So I think there is value in this course because of this aspect alone. The other positive I see in this course is as of the time of this writing its only $77.00, although it does seem that they are going to try to upsell you on something. But the upsell didnt seem to be over $300.00. So because of the low price of the Copy N Profit Google Adwords Course and because you can learn an AWFUL LOT by studying someone elses successful campaigns, and I mean this data is invaluable, you should be able to identify specific patterns in these and apply these to other niches. That being said, for this low price, we have to give it a thumbs up. And this really isn’t a secret. Tony Robbins says that if you want to be.e successful, find out what someone is doing that you like, study it, copy it then make it better. We also honestly believe that in the .ing months youll see a ton of these types of courses .e out. Just copy what the successful are doing so you can be.e an instant success. Or according to our theory, copy what the successful people are doing so you can reverse engineer it, identify patters to use in other niches that every Copy N Profit customer wont be in. Then you can make a good chunk of change with this system. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: