What are Android users doing when iPhone is released-ratatouille

What are Android users doing when iPhone is released? After the release of iPhone 7, many users have been in the impact of Apple’s server, and many people are ready to replace the latest iPhone phone, then which is not including many Android users? Although we can not get the data in the past more than a day in the past, but the foreign media also made predictions and analysis from the past data. First look at Ericsson mobile report in November 2015. Before the iPhone was launched, Android users were on the rise, they were up 1.7% in a period of time, while iPhone users rose by just over $1.1%. So what happens when iPhone is launched? With the launch of iPhone, Android users will continue to have a small increase (1.8%), but the amount of iPhone users will grow significantly in a short period of time by 4.5%! Of course, Android users and iPhone users before the migration data may be more interesting. After the release of the new iPhone, 0.6% of Android users to move to the iOS camp, while the loss rate of only iOS camp users only, that is, the new iPhone is obviously very attractive to Android users. But in most of the year, the user changing is a normal thing in between Android and iOS, many people even equipped with two different systems of the intelligent mobile phone, but at this time the new release of iPhone iOS, the "powder" ability is stronger than Android looks.相关的主题文章: