Wenzhou Dongtou guy just hiding in the mountains 5 hours searching the mountain located in Swat-wetnwild

Wenzhou Dongtou guy just hiding in the mountains 5 hours searching the mountain SWAT recovered 26 year old guy Xiaozhuang just run away, back to more than 2000 kilometers outside the plane from Yunnan to Dongtou home, and hide in the mountains. The morning of October 8th, the Wenzhou Dongtou police, police and other departments jointly search Yuanjue, Xiaozhuang finally saw the mother son home for several days. The morning of October 8th, the command center received a public warning, saying that a guy just run away and hide in the mountains, ask for help. Dongtou Police Brigade quickly assembled 15 players rushed to Yuanjue shaojiao village streets to carry out search work. When the rain mountain road slippery, fear will Xiaozhuang accidents, police brigade quickly organized police force in a group of 3 people, into the mountains to carry out search work. However, after four hours of search still no results, close to noon, police captain that Xiaozhuang might buy lunch, they arranged 3 players to store Dundian, the rest of the team continue to search in the mountains. Until 12:30 at noon, came the good news Dundian players, said to have found a small village, because he did not eat lunch, shivering with rain. After understanding, Hamlet, born in 1990, Dongtou Yuanjue Sha Gang village, now doing business with their parents in Yunnan. In October 2nd, Xiaozhuang and parents quarrel, angry runaways, after the transfer back to my hometown in Dongtou from Yunnan by plane. When the mother came to look for it, she hid in the mountains.

温州洞头小伙负气躲山中 特警搜山5小时寻回26岁小伙小庄负气离家出走,从云南坐飞机回到2000多公里外的洞头老家,并藏进了山中。10月8日上午,经温州洞头特警、元觉派出所等部门联合搜寻,小庄母亲终于见到了出走多日的儿子。10月8日上午,指挥中心接到群众报警,称一名小伙负气离家出走,躲入了山中,要求帮助。洞头特警大队迅速集结15名队员赶往元觉街道沙角村开展搜寻工作。当时雨天山中路滑,担心小庄会出现意外,特警大队迅速组织警力以3人一组,进入山中开展搜寻工作。然而经过四个小时的搜寻仍没结果,临近中午,特警队长推测小庄可能会去买午饭,便安排3名队员去小店蹲点,其余队员继续在山中搜寻。直到中午12点半,蹲点的队员传来好消息,称已找到小庄,他由于没吃午饭,加上淋雨冻得瑟瑟发抖。经了解,小庄,1990年出生,是洞头元觉沙岗村人,现与父母在云南经商。10月2日,小庄与父母发生争吵后,赌气而离家出走,从云南坐飞机经转车后回到了洞头老家。当得知母亲过来寻找时,就躲入了山中。相关的主题文章: