We have to say goodbye and 1 yuan notes The real reason secret-tamiflu

Shall we say goodbye to the 1 dollar note? The real reason secret token coin has the following four reasons: 1, the cost, the cost of money actually than coins, coins life is much higher than the bill. The release of 2 and 1 yuan coins is conducive to the popularization and application of automatic vending machines, parking automatic toll machines, subway and bus automatic ticket vending machines. 3, the coin can pick residues, cleaning and disinfection through a variety of measures, and then back into the market, cash flow is favorable for purifying environment, reduce the spread of germs. 4, it is beneficial to save natural resources. The bill required protection of manufacturing wood, cotton and water resources. And decades later, metals can still be recast, with little loss of their original value. Central bank: a long period of time both the central bank’s monetary circulation gold and silver Bureau relevant departments responsible person told reporters that the money coins than long life, clean and high, environmentally friendly, easy automation processing, all countries in the world are small denomination currency coins. Since 1992, the central bank has gradually pushed forward the denomination of small denomination coins. But China vast territory, large population, large differences, diversified demand, give full consideration to the diverse needs of the masses and habits of small denomination coin currency process, not a strong push. Reporters from the central bank’s monetary gold and silver Bureau learned that from the beginning of 1992, the central bank started a small denomination coins of the pilot in Shanghai, Jiangsu, Zhejiang, Shenzhen and other places. "12th Five-Year" period, according to market supply and demand situation, take the first East West, first city, after the first rural low denomination after high denomination gradually promote small denominations of coins. After more than 20 years of continuous promotion, small denomination currency coin work has made periodic progress. At present, the country in addition to some remote areas, 1 angle, angle of RMB 5 the basic realization of the coin, that is 1, 5 yuan a single angle angle on coins (1 angles and 5 angle notes remain normal circulation). And in Shanghai, Jiangsu, Zhejiang, Anhui, Shenzhen, basically realized 1 yuan coin (1 yuan banknotes are still normal circulation). According to the urban rail transit and other needs, the central bank put a small amount of 1 yuan coins into some areas. According to the central bank’s arrangement, from this year, in Fujian, Jiangxi province and Shandong City, and gradually promote the 1 yuan coin, namely 1 yuan single invested 1 yuan coins (1 yuan banknotes still normal circulation). The central bank’s monetary gold and silver Bureau relevant departments responsible person said that the coin advancement process 1 yuan in according to the different situation, the needs of the masses and local steadily, and pay attention to the public habit and circulation environment construction. In 2015, the amount of 1 yuan notes was 3 times more than 1 yuan coins. 1 yuan banknotes will be a large amount of time, and 1 yuan coins exist together, will not withdraw from circulation in the short term. Have you seen one of these banknotes? >

我们要和1元纸币说再见?揭秘真正原因  辅币硬币化有以下四个原因:  1、成本问题,实际上纸币的造价比硬币高,硬币的流通寿命远远高于纸钞。  2、1元硬币的投放有利于自动售货机、停车场自动收费机、地铁和公交自动售票机的推广应用。  3、硬币可以通过多种措施进行挑残、清洗、消毒,然后重新投入市场,有利于净化现金流通环境,减少病菌传播。  4、有利于节约自然资源。保护了制造纸钞所需要的木材、棉花、淡水等资源。而且几十年后金属仍可收回重铸,其原有的价值损失不多。  央行:相当长的时间内并存流通  央行货币金银局相关部门负责人对记者表示,硬币比纸币寿命长、整洁度高、利于环保、便于自动化处理,世界各国小面额货币多是硬币。从1992年开始,央行就在逐步推进小面额货币硬币化。但中国地域辽阔,人口众多,差异较大,需求多样,小面额货币硬币化过程中会充分考虑多样化需求和群众习惯,不会强推。  记者从央行货币金银局了解到,从1992年开始,央行在上海、江苏、浙江、深圳等地开始了小面额货币硬币化的试点。“十二五”时期,根据市场供求情况,采取先东部后西部、先城市后农村、先低面额后高面额的方式逐步推广小面额货币硬币化。  经过20多年的持续推进,小面额货币硬币化工作取得了阶段性进展。目前,全国除了部分边远地区外,1角、5角人民币基本实现了硬币化,即1角、5角人民币单一投放硬币(1角、5角纸币仍正常流通)。而在上海、江苏、浙江、安徽、深圳,基本实现了1元人民币硬币化(1元纸币仍正常流通)。央行还根据城市轨道交通等需要,向部分地区投放少量1元硬币。  根据央行的安排,从今年起,在福建、江西全省和山东部分地市,逐步推动1元人民币硬币化,即1元人民币单一投放1元硬币(1元纸币仍正常流通)。  央行货币金银局相关部门负责人表示,1元人民币的硬币化推进过程中会根据群众的需要和地方的不同情况,稳步推进,并注重公众习惯的培养和流通环境建设。从2015年使用量看,1元纸币的全国使用量是1元硬币的3倍多。1元纸币还将长时间大量投放,与1元硬币共同存在,不会在短期内退出流通。  下面这些一块钱的纸币,你见过吗?>相关的主题文章: