Video Cell Phones Can Make Memories

Mobile-Cell-Phone Remember when cell phones were for making phone calls while on the go? Well, they’ll still let you do that, but now you can awaken your inner Spielberg with your cell phone’s video feature. Cell phone video capabilities have begun a whole new art movement: the cell phone film. With your cell phone, you can record "ad hoc" your child’s first laugh, your child’s first words, or your child’s first steps. You may not have the video recording camera out and charged, but your cell phone is always right there to capture these precious moments. I can attest to the power of cell phone video. My friend had a stroke and is totally bed-ridden. She has not been able to talk or .municate with any of us. Obviously, she could not attend her daughter’s college graduation. After the graduation, her daughter and her husband visited my friend and put the graduation cap on her. Her daughter hugged her mom and hummed pomp and circumstance. My friend actually was able to hum a few bars. This all would have been lost except for the daughter’s husband caught it all on his cell phone video. They then emailed the video to all of us friends. We all rejoiced because this was the first time my friend had hummed since her stroke. And just think if it had not been captured on video? I’m sure you can think of hundreds of situations where a video cell phone would be a wonderful asset. That’s why video is more and more prevalent on cell phones. The next time you choose a cell phone, why not consider video capabilities? You never know when you will be able to capture a moment that would otherwise be lost. Just having the capability to record an event without having to lug around a video recorder is great. But the whole idea of being able to record something of note on your little cell phone to share with others is definitely a plus. This all just goes to show you that cell phones are much more than just a "phone" but an all-around .munication medium. And if you’re a budding artist, a cell phone with video or photographic capabilities just might be the muse you’re looking for. With so many venues for your cell phone films and photographs to be appreciated, it’s even more worth it to cultivate your artistic side. However you look at it, video cell phones are the way of the future. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: