Users in the pollen 2000 yuan to buy fake LV platform authenticity questioned

Users in the pollen 2000 yuan to buy fake LV platform authenticity was questioned commodity pollen poster. Data figure without real name registration "pollen" doubt the authenticity of goods to rule the weekend trainee reporter Liu Jia "you know" pollen ‘? Sun Li also in the top selling children’s clothes, are big, cheap price!" "But a lot of people are buying fakes on the top, and I’m ready to unload." Two young girls whisper in Beijing, China World Trade Center on August 26th. The girls said "pollen", is a focus on maternal transfer of second-hand goods APP, Sun Li and other stars assigned to them, and it is both buyers and sellers are "operating rules, has attracted millions of users. And in the pollen son quickly became popular at the same time, the voices of doubt also appeared. In Hubei Wuhan users Aman Chang (a pseudonym) as an example, she is said to have in the APP on the "authentic" bag, is a high imitation goods. And she suffered a similar, there are many people. 2000 yuan to buy a fake LV bag "pollen" is used by Beijing to build garden Technology Co. Ltd, a focus on maternal and child class used idle trading platform. Its CEO Zheng Xiaowen introduction, which is a complete public welfare, zero income intermediary platform, APP formally launched since June, only a month’s time, it has more than 1 million users. "In August 12th, I was wandering ‘pollen’, took a fancy to a LV shopping bag, the seller claimed to be the last to buy genuine, 90% new, no obvious flaws, although marked 7700 yuan, but to sell 2400 yuan, before buying in order to ensure that this shop is genuine, also see the user evaluation below, find all the praise, I feel should be quite reliable, on the order." Aman Chang said, however, she received a few days after the regret. In August 19th, she opened the courier, take the package to a second-hand luxury shops, check after the clerk told, this package is a. Aman Chang immediately communicate with the seller, but the seller is said to be the problem of Aman Chang, but also to the buyer malicious destruction on the grounds rejected its return application. In desperation, Aman Chang hope pollen son APP can help solve the problem, but did not expect, there is no official APP customer service phone. Not only that, on the client want to communicate with customer service floret, it is to be ranked in the hundreds of people. Then, Aman Chang published in the state of sina micro-blog, found that there are a lot of people like her have established a human rights group, the group has as much as her fake users buy in "pollen", the number of up to 15 individuals, which experienced users told her that it is not, to "pollen" APP for arbitration. So Aman Chang did it. A week later, Aman Chang finally received a platform phone, the other said that the seller agreed to return a refund, so she finally breathed a sigh of relief. Credit function has been questioned despite the problem solved, but Aman Chang would like to make it clear: for the protection of the quality of goods platform, pollen child whether there are relevant measures? In August 24th, Zheng Xiaowen told the theory of law相关的主题文章: