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Reference-and-Education Projector is an ICT(Information and .munication technology ) device used in the classroom that displays information stored in .puter such as multimedia, power point files, animation, motion video and other interactive contents on projection screen at the class and opens up a world of possibilities for new teaching ideas and learning experiences for the students. The major impact on the application of ICT into classroom is contributed by the deployment of a Projector. The Projector system can be connected to a desktop .puter or a laptop .puter with the RGB cable (video graphic cable).This .plete set up move forwards the .munication and, encourages the sharing of knowledge and thoughts among educators. Effective .munication is an important teaching strategy and a projector gives the .plete freedom to a teacher or student the manner in they share ideas, information, charts, images, animations, audio or video. A good projector shows a large and crystal clear image which is visible from all parts of the classroom. A projector can be integrated with ICT based modern teaching aids such as Interactive Whiteboards to make the learning sessions highly interactive, informative and motivating. A projector is a highly efficient way of teaching students or showing the demonstration in a .puter lab. A projector allows the presentation of the student stuff to the entire class. When integrated with television, a video source or .puter, it provides presentation of video to students. Learning process more influential if it offers support for a variety of senses .prising visuals, motions, videos, audio and animations. A projector enhances the interaction between teachers and students in a classroom. Students can truly gain from teaching content being presented visually as it can assist in both information processing and its retention. The brightness and resolution are essential parameters that should be taken into account while selecting the projector for a particular classroom. Projector is handy device that can be moved effortlessly from one classroom to other for lectures and other presentation purposes. The majority of the modern projectors are able to correct any keystones, vagueness and other irregularities of the image through manual settings. There are diverse kinds of technology of the projectors, but the most popular one are the LCD and DLP (Digital Light Processing). A projector made of DLP technology employs very small mirrors to project the light on to the screen. A DLP projector is costly while LCD projector is cost effective. A number of Projector are outfitted with remote control devices that incorporate an IR (Infra red) beam and zoom feature and the capability to operate as mouse for .puter. The Educator can control the information of the .puter with a projector at a distance from projection screen. There is an extensive series of projector manufactured by various .panies which are available in the market. A projector when deployed into the classroom truly provides benefit of enhanced interactivity for making teaching presentations highly effective. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: