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Sports-and-Recreation Climbing is an enjoyable activity for nature lovers. Montana Country offers great mountain peaks, rocks and ice glaciers. It also has a pristine wilderness for those who want to experience adventure. It is the place for outdoor travelers to get an adventure of a lifetime. Montana is a good place for outdoor climbing activities. It is found on the western side of US. It has 10 national forests and 12 wildernesses in over 16 million acres of land. It is called the land of the shining mountains and big sky country. Millions of tourists visit Montana to experience real adventure here. Mountaineers and outdoor fanatics can do hiking, trekking, ice and rock climbing. Many rugged and wild peaks stretch across Montana, giving the place an overwhelming natural splendor. Montana has 3,510 peaks you can choose from. The place offers guide services that can lead to the top. Montana also offers many thrilling adventure ride fantasies. Rock climbing enthusiasts can also choose from the many destinations Montana has to offer. Lost Horse Found at Bitterroot Valley, offering rock face climbing and bouldering. It is 15 minutes away from Hamilton. Lost Horse is known for its quality rocks, different terrains and climbing options. The place also offers routes of two to six pitches (resting ground) length. Blodgett Canyon – This canyon is one of the beautiful climbing destinations known for its solemn beauty. Blodgett canyon is deeply carved into the eastern side of Bitterroot Range in the Bitterroot National Forest. The place has a large natural arch of rocks located at the south side of the canyon and a campground. Jump-off spots are found at the Selway-Bitter Root Wilderness Area. There is ice at the start of the route during winter season. People can have mixed types of climbing activities. It offers longer canyon routes of about eight to 10 pitches. Kootenai Canyon Kootenai offers many climbing routes from steep, sport and usual climbing lines. It is located in the Bitterrrot Valley, presenting an excellent place for training with ropes. Two pitches are allowed in all climbs. Rocks of Kootenai Canyon are uneven, and so all climbers are advised to wear helmets for safety. Montana offers great ice climbing sites such as: Bear Creek at Bitterroot Valley, Mission Falls at Mission Valley, Finley Creek and the Glacier National Park. Glacier National Park is known as the crown of the continent. It is designed mostly for skilled and experienced climbers. The place is filled with lakes, rivers and trails that suit an outdoor enthusiast. Hiking can be done with over 700 miles trail to explore. The park offers adventure travel from day hiking, hiking/raft .bos, inn trips, multi-day backpack and safaris. There are boat cruises and whitewater rafting along the wild Middle and North Fork of Flathead River. Montana Rafts guides along with interested groups go through 15 miles of day floats. Rafting and floats are done from May to September. They offer packages like: oHalf and full day with whitewater raft – three hour long trip. oBBQ Dinner with Whitewater Raft – a fun and splashy adventure. oScenic Float mellow river float. oHalf Day Thrill seeker (4 guests) – sporty whitewater raft trip (June to July) oWhole and half Day Inflatable Kayaking o1 Day Horse Raft Trip oSmith River 5 day Exploration (60 mile rafting adventure) oOvernight Custom Rafting Trip o3 Day Wilderness Float/Cabin Adventure o6 and 8 days hike 4 day backpacking/2 day rafting and 6 day backpacking and 2 day rafting. o5 Day Glacier Camping Safari Safari adventure, camping and hikes in wild flower sheltered valleys and glacial carved peaks. The Northwest part provides fishing opportunities. The river view is a sight to behold. Rainbows sometimes appear in the horizon. Ac.modations are available at the historical Sperry Chalet or the Granite Park Chalet. These historical chalets (farmhouse or cottage) provide spectacular views and wildlife, particularly in an isolated wilderness setting. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: