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Uncovering Chinese zombie companies difficult death mystery: the local government of Shandong will come to the rescue and disposal of the zombies provincial enterprises leadership compensation reference news network reported on August 24th Japanese media said, in China, because local governments worry about the negative impact of debt default table surface had on the local economy, the effect of local government intention. Fall into debt default to continue after the business enterprise is not uncommon. Lead to China’s inefficient economic zombie enterprise is also the elimination of progress is not smooth. According to the "Japanese economic news" reported on August 23rd, in Liaoning city of Dalian Province, a group of steel ironmaking plant, blast furnace and equipment is still in operation, personnel and trucks in and out. But as China’s economy slows, the performance of the steel group has deteriorated. Reported that, even so, the heavily indebted Steel Group is not bankrupt, because the major shareholder is the local government. The iron and Steel Group in the province this year from 1 to June, the gross domestic product fell into negative growth, the province’s lack of ability to accept tens of thousands of people in the industry. A financial industry sources, if the unemployed increases further, the local government will be to blame, "bankruptcy and support business is a heavy financial burden, the state will continue to half-dead". In China, even if the corporate debt default, the local government’s intention to continue to deal with state-owned enterprises is not uncommon. The bank also said that the local government is expected to eventually come forward to support". The state-owned enterprises in the corporate bonds to delay repayment of principal and interest, in the profit situation still maintain production and employment etc.. This has become an important factor in the market can not take effect, zombie companies and excess capacity can not be eliminated. Reported that, in Chinese government, bank loans will replace the stock of debt to equity become the topic of discussion. The purpose is to reduce the corporate debt principal and interest payment burden, to promote the production equipment of waste and other enterprises restructuring. Local media reported that the banking regulatory authorities are in the final discussion. Henan province has been put forward through the swaps to eliminate excess debt. China in the late 90s of last century by the government funded the establishment of a financial company called the recipient of the company, stripped of bad debts of state-owned banks, some of the debt into equity. The local government as the main body, it seems to be discussing the same framework. Reported that China’s economy is not expected to appear in the past few years, such as rapid growth. Even stripped of debt, inefficient state-owned enterprises will not immediately appear to improve business, and is likely to extend the life of zombie companies, as well as increase the risk of the financial system. More exciting content to pay attention to WeChat search public number: Tencent Finance (financeapp).相关的主题文章: