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American diplomatic protection fee: 760 billion yen per year up to dig the Japanese Military Channel – Sohu global network reported on November 18th: the U.S. military "stars and stripes" said 17 American experts believe that the newly elected president of the United States after Trump came to power, not large-scale withdrawal from overseas, so he declared in his election campaign to countries such as Japan and South Korea should be full the burden of U.S. troops costs may not just verbal threats of speech". So now in Japan and South Korea, the United States is how to share the cost of it? South Korea and the United States in 1991 for the first time on the signing of the United States and South Korea to share the cost of defense spending sharing agreement, signed a total of 8 agreements in 2009. The most recent agreement reached in January 2014, South Korea from the beginning of the year the total burden of defense spending in Korea was 920 billion won (about RMB 5 billion 250 million yuan), an increase of over the previous year by 5.8%. This increase is mainly based on the consumer price index adjusted two years ago. But critics say South Korea’s military spending is far more than the carrying amount. For example, in 2015 the United States to provide land lease fees, exempt from the rent, the cost of public relief, exemption of road use fees are not included. South Korea’s indirect support to South Korean troops up to 820 billion won. If coupled with the US military service in Korea Korean soldiers and police support costs, the actual share of the South Korean defense costs about 2 trillion won. South Korean media complained that South Korea’s share of U.S. military defense costs accounted for the proportion of the country’s GDP is also higher than Japan and Germany (South Korea 0.068%, Japan, Germany, 0.016%, 0.064%). Japan’s defense ministry publicly on the U.S. military budget for the 2016 annual budget of about $185 billion 200 million (about RMB 11 billion 600 million). In addition, from the beginning of 1978, Japan for the U.S. military to provide thoughtful budget from the initial 6 billion 200 million yen soared to 1999 of 275 billion 600 million yen. Under the requirements of Japan, 2001 years after the consideration budget gradually reduced, in 2016 was 192 billion yen. Produced in order to alleviate the burden on Okinawa to take measures of the costs borne by the Japanese side, including the U.S. and Japan to reduce the noise caused by the return of part of the base equipment transfer and even new alternative base fee. Military reorganization related cost, part of the Okinawa troops in Japan to the Guam transfer fee, US troops stationed in Japan and the U.S. aircraft carriers own reorganization troops relocation funds from Japan to share the same. Japan’s "Yomiuri Shimbun" all Japan to assume the U.S. military presence funds calculated after one year, Japan to the United States to pay "protection money" nearly 760 billion yen, reaching 54% U.S. military spending funds, far higher than other American allies such as South Korea, Germany, the burden ratio, ranked first.相关的主题文章: