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Improved Steam Turbine Technology Promises More Power And Better Efficiency Posted By: Triveni Turbines The need of power has always been at the forefront of industrial necessities to run the day to day activities and meet the overall objectives. Almost several decades back, when steam turbines were introduced as a power generation mechanism, it took no time to catch the fancy of the business community. With a fast pace, the system spread to all over the country. Since the early days, steam turbine has been touted as a cost effective and energy efficient and so it got the necessary momentum in quick time. But from delivering the first steam turbine in India to the indigenization of many technologies and components used in this system, the consistent effort required to improve its efficiency and offer cutting edge solutions has always been a prime objective. Innovating energy-efficient and fuel saving technologies to assist in producing maximum power with minimum resources inspired industry leaders to remain an innovation driven organization. Steam turbines have always been perceived as the prime mover to convert heat energy of steam to mechanical energy.

Steam Turbines Are Low Cost, Energy Efficient Solutions A Possibility In The Steam Turbine Industry? – Know Here Posted By: Triveni Turbines Power generation always remains inherent for the developmental framework of any nation or industry. This is why countries with surplus power generation tend to lead the world in various sectors. And when it comes to power generation, steam turbines lead the industry by allowing power companies to count on low-cost power. Low cost of installation, service and maintenance and ease of operations make power generation through steam turbines a wonderful solution. Today, there are much advanced and powerful steam turbines that are capable of generating electricity effectively while reducing emissions. Steam turbines extract energy from steam and transform it into mechanical work by expanding the steam from high pressure to low pressure. During the process, high pressure steam flows through the turbine blades and turns the turbine shaft or rotor. The shaft is connected to an electric generator for producing electricity. For small AND mid-scale industrial applications, steam turbines are the perfect solutions as they are primarily used to generate power between 1 to 200 MW. The amount of power these turbines generate is directly proportional to the steam pressure drop in the turbine.

steam turbines Utility, Luxury And Design In A Compact Car Posted By: Audi South Africa
utility luxury design compact car custom experience Compact Sportback Posted By: Audi South Africa Unmistakably practical, the luxury compact sportback is the car for fans of the drive. For those living in a congested urban environment, these vehicles are easy to park and a pleasure to navigate. Luxury compact cars are an exciting niche in the urban vehicle market. It is this desire for nimble compact cars which has led to manufacturers creating luxury compact vehicles with trendy styling and the same well-appointed interiors as premium sedans. Compact Power All the engines in a compact sportback work with direct injection and turbo-charging and come in both petrol and diesel versions. The integrated turbocharger exhaust manifold module ensures optimum turbine efficiency, resulting in excellent utilisation of the exhaust energy. This means that a turbocharged direct-injection four-cylinder engine is capable of delivering the same performance while using 10 to 15 percent less fuel when compared with conventional naturally aspirated V6 engines. Fuel is metered with precision and injected directly into the combustion chamber to ensure efficient combustion and better utilisation of the petrol. When combined with a turbocharger these engines are able to deliver even more power.
luxury compact sportback cars audi south africa Wind Turbine Efficiency: 3 Key Factors Posted By: Roger Brown As we transition from a fossil fuel driven to a largely renewable energy world, it is important to stop and consider the details of any renewable energy project before moving forward. Wind turbine efficiency is obviously an extremely important factor in determining which home wind device to buy.But, what factors determine efficiency and how critical to your success is it that you get this right? Just like any home project, you can save yourself a lot of trouble later on if you spend some time on the front side of the project delving into the details AND hellip; Microclimate – Wind turbines are very sensitive to where you locate them. Some are better at functioning in wind environments that are strong and steady and others are designed to handle strong microbursts of wind in a chaotic wind environment.When you are evaluating what kind and where to locate your turbine kit it is very important to consider the location and the specific wind aspect of the microclimate you happen to be thinking about. Every area around your house has a different microclimate, or wind signature.
wind turbine efficiency Engineering Marvels: Charming Up Life Posted By: Sanjay Kr. Technology, in contemporary times has reached to level where for every single thing manpower is replaced with the machines. Cutting edge technology has revamped everything. The use of machines have invited ease and relaxation in the work. Productivity and reliability in the work can now be introduced in the working process. Engineering marvelous used in various fields have got speed and excellency in the processes of manufacturing and also in all commercial activities. Steam turbine is also excellent gift of technology. This is a mechanical device which is used for extracting thermal energies from pressurized steam. Turbines are used for converting into rotary motion. Steam turbine enjoys great advantage over piston steam engine because of the greater thermal efficiency. These turbines are used in electrical generators. Turbine efficiency is increased by expanding steam and work is generated in different stages. These stages integrate generation of energy. Reaction turbines and impulses are the two stages of generation of energy. Basically, higher pressure sections are of impulse type having lower pressure stages of reaction types. And if to talk about impulse turbine having fixed nozzles which direct the flow of steam in high speed jets. All these jets have relevant kinetic energy.

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