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Games Unit Command is a free online trading cards game by Wildcat Gaming. The game is based on online military trading cards, and has combined features of role playing games and strategy based games. Unit Command can be played on No download is required to play the game. After registration, each player in Unit Command is given random trading cards which form the players army. There are three types of online trading cards officer cards, unit cards, and reinforcement cards. Officer cards are the most powerful ones, and represent officers in the army. A unit card represents a unit of members and a reinforcement card represents additional reinforcements that might be needed. Two players can compete against each other online using their armies. The challenge is to accomplish the various missions in the game. Each mission is set in a different terrain (like desert, urban, water, etc.). The cards may have terrain specialties (meaning they would be more powerful in the designated terrain) and terrain exclusions (meaning they will be rendered useless in certain terrains). The player to play the right cards in the right terrain has a higher chance of winning. Each card in Unit Command is unique. Some cards are rare in the game, and hence are more precious. Players can trade cards with each other using the online Trading Zone. One must be careful not to trade a more precious card with a less precious one. Players can also buy cards from the online cards store using the points in their accounts. A player must attempt to collect trading cards such that all terrain specialties are covered. This will equip the player better for victory. Players have been invited by Wildcat to not only test the game, but also to suggest new cards. In an innovative offering, Wildcat has invited players to submit the photograph of their favorite military hero along with a description of why the hero deserves to be immortalized. New online trading cards will be introduced in Unit Command based on the selected military heroes. This indeed is an unheard way of paying homage to the brave men and women protecting the country for all kinds of threat. All in all, Unit Command is not just a free military trading card game, but one of the most interesting strategy based trading card games in the market today. Register today on .unit.mand.. and try out this smart trading card game About the Author: 相关的主题文章: