To explore the motives behind the entrance examination the reality is more than the ideal pursuit Ed

To explore the motives behind the entrance examination: the reality is more than the ideal pursuit? – Education – People’s daily in 2017, the national graduate entrance examination on the internet name of the time limit. In recent years, the postgraduate entrance examination, the number of applicants last year hit a record peak, reaching 1 million 770 thousand. In the graduate student, in addition to graduating students, there is no lack of "three war" "four" candidates, and the number has increased compared to previous years. So, what are the motives behind many of the family? Postgraduate exam: in order to improve their high employment pressure has been prepared for nearly a year, every day in addition to reading is reading books, Beijing Normal University student Zhang Yizheng for another exam in his life. Three years ago, he successfully admitted to their ideal university, and now, he wants to go further, look forward to the Peking University. "Difficult", this is Zhang Yi admitted to Beijing University graduate student’s direct experience. According to his introduction, compared to previous years, this year admitted to Peking University Master is more difficult, the main reason is that he admitted to the professional enrollment this year in the number of applicants is expected to be reduced, but there will be hundreds of people, the admission rate decreased, his pressure is not small. Now, he can not stop the review, not lazy. Junior began, Zhang Yi did not consider the direct employment after graduating from college, he believes that the undergraduate education to get an ideal job, is not easy. Go to Taiwan, the exchange of learning took a few scholarships, have multiple internship experience, this is the first three years of college to Zhang Yi answer. He said that if the job with these experiences, in a galaxy of talents in Beijing, he did not have much advantage. Obviously, like Zhang Yi, and now, the choice of temporary employment pressure and avoid college entrance examination more and more college students. Eager to find a bigger learning platform, and then continue to further study to enhance their own, this is the vision of Zhang yi. "If this year failed to get admitted to Beijing University, I will fight for a year." Zhang Yi said. I hope to record gold battles: not the elite who aspire to a school, which is a major goal of many candidates two of the college entrance examination. Shandong, a graduate of two colleges and universities in the first year of the white school entrance examination score of more than and 340 points, but she was admitted to the school that year’s admission score is a score of 365, and ultimately she regret it. The difference of more than and 20 points, losing the first year failed to stop the white static battles to grind. Bai Jing believes that the first year of postgraduate entrance examination failed, the main reason is that they are not well prepared, and some scattered learning energy. Today, Bai Jing in Shandong near a university rent, every day in addition to eating and sleeping, the rest of the time she would go to the school library, and a small group of fellow students studying together. Today, her timetable is very compact, roughly 7 in the morning every day self-study, until 10:30 in the evening out of the library. "Any section there is pressure, but now, he didn’t want to what, think about the grind, no extra time to think beyond the examination." Bai Jing said. Professional heavy exam hope "re employment" section force in addition to college students, professionals want to go back to the There are plenty of people who are. In December last year, issued by the China Education Online "in 2016"相关的主题文章: