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Dating To attract women at first sight is not always easy but that does not mean it is possible. If youre trying to impress women at the first sight, you need to look great, smell nice and sound responsible. You need to make sure that you put on neat clothes, clean nails are the must, and dont try to chew on them either. You also need to shower regularly in order to make your skin clean and make you good scent. You dont need to over-use scent, just use it moderately. I noticed that women like a guy who smells good, and they will want to move closer to such guy. Do you know why I am writing this? because due to my experienced, I have notice that women get attracted to someone who appear neat, look responsible and scent great. Women also get attracted to men who maintain his body shape. Not the one that is careless about his shape. In my study, I notice that a woman does not like obesity or over weight man. So, if youre looking to impress women at first sight, you need to work seriously on your body shape. You should not forget also that your eyes and smile are very important. A nice, friendly smile will make her feel at ease and trust you. Make sure you are not pretending, just be natural and never forget your manners. All what I am trying to say is that you need to be yourself, dont try and be someone fake because the relationship will fall through and even if it did work you wouldnt want to have a relationship without being able to relax. So stop faking everything about you. For you to gain the trust of a woman, you need to real. Women love to roll with a red man not the one without identity. You also need to be confident in everything you do. For instance, if you see a lady that you like and you look at her in the eye, dont be the one to first remove your eye or dont be the first person to look away. If you look away, then she will know that you dont believe in yourself and that will make her to see you as a coward. The one that doesnt know what he is doing. You need to be confident and look straight to her eyes, and she looks back at you, throw in a romantic smile. This will seriously have an impact on her and she will want to know who you are. Do you want to know more about love at the first sight click here and be expose to wonderful tips. Read Tao of badass to know how to attract hot girls immediately. For more relationship tips go to 相关的主题文章: