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Real-Estate Some people choose to buy land and then build a property abroad, rather than buying an existing home. Building your own property is a challenge, but if it is approached in the right way and with careful planning, it can result in the holiday home of your dreams. If you are considering building a property abroad, then you will first need to find a suitable piece of land. You can go direct to a land agent in the country of your choice, or you can talk to an agent in the UK. Agents who sell property abroad will also usually be able to handle the sale of land, and you should talk to several agents both here and abroad to find out what the best options are in your chosen location. Buying the land When you have found a piece of land that suits you, make sure that you have a good solicitor to help you handle the purchase. The legal requirements of land purchase can be .plicated, and vary from country to country, so good legal advice is vital. Finding contractors If you havent already got plans for your building, you will need to hire an architect or surveyor who will be able to design and plan your property abroad. Building contractors need specific drawings to work with and you should make sure that you find someone who can translate your ideas into a workable building plan. The architect or the land agent should be able to re.mend reliable contractors. Bear in mind that in some resorts there are a lot of development projects running at any time, so you may have to wait for good contractors to be available. You will also need to appoint a project manager, unless you are going to be staying near the site for the duration of the build. You will also need to check the situation regarding supply of utilities such as water and electricity to your site. Finishing the job Once your home is .pleted, you will need to check with your solicitor about any further legal duties you have as the owner of a newly-built home. Making sure you .ply with legislation or regulations now could save you trouble later on. Building your own property abroad is a big project, but one that can be very worthwhile if it is handled responsibly. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: