Tianjin reiterated ” eight strictly prohibited ” to ensure the implementation of th luonv

Tianjin: eight non " reiterated ";   to ensure that during the national day to resolutely implement the provisions of the eight Central – local leaders — people.com.cn original title: Tianjin: eight " " reiterated; strictly; ensure that during the National Day resolutely implement the central provisions of the spirit of the eight National Day is approaching, Tianjin City Commission for Discipline Inspection issued "on the" eight reiterated forbidden to ensure notice "during the National Day resolutely implement the central provisions of the spirit of the eight requirements, all localities and departments with the" two a "learning education, conscientiously implement the central, the Central Commission for Discipline Inspection of the deployment of the spirit of discipline, especially political discipline is in the front, further strict discipline, earnestly self-discipline during the national day the work, persevere implement the spirit of the central eight provisions, and resolutely prevent the four winds problem rebound. Notification requirements, Party organizations at all levels to take the politics, effectively assume the main responsibility for comprehensive strictly, the National Day period is the wind Su Ji as an important political task, unrelenting, sustained force. The principal responsible comrades to assume the primary responsibility of responsibility, team members to effectively perform a pair of responsibility and make full use of the eight ways to implement the "first form", in the region of the unit of the system, strict supervision and supervision of Party members and cadres really. In particular, it is necessary to seize the leading cadres of the key minority, above the rate of transmission of pressure, so that discipline really become a high-voltage line. To grasp the implementation of the system, strict implementation of the provisions of self-discipline and style building. To do a good job in two aspects of publicity, strengthen public opinion guidance, support and encourage the masses to actively participate in the supervision of the news media. In close connection with the patrol patrol work, increase efforts to maintain a high pressure situation, to insist Aoyama do not relax the momentum, and resolutely prevent the four winds problem rebound resurgence. Party organizations at all levels and Party members and cadres should combine study and implement the general secretary Xi Jinping’s "71" the spirit of the important speech, earnestly implement the "Chinese self-discipline criterion" and "the Communist Party of the Communist Party of China disciplinary regulations", and resolutely resist the erosion of unhealthy tendencies. One is prohibited illegal use of public funds to buy gifts, souvenirs and other boxing, no illegal use of public funds to buy gifts, custom, festival souvenir, commemorative book; the two is non super range, beyond the standard payment of holiday benefits, no spamming allowances, subsidies, bonuses and real; three is strictly prohibited to send and receive gifts gifts violations, no illegal to send and receive various securities, payment vouchers, consumer cards, electronic envelopes etc.; four is prohibited Gongjusiyong, private car public support, not illegal to other units and individuals to borrow vehicles; five is prohibited illegal to make arrangements for weddings, do not take batches, small size, and more to make arrangements, make arrangements for off-site etc. the six is the opportunity to extort money; non violation of public funds or in public or outside travel, are not allowed to accept management service to arrange the banquet, entertainment or outside tourism; seven is prohibited illegal To play golf, and to accept the management service object of the golf club membership card; eight is strictly prohibited illegal access to private clubs, are not allowed to use public funds in the training center, internal canteen, hostel, sanatorium, farmhouse and other secret party organization. Discipline inspection and supervision organs at all levels should conscientiously implement the oversight responsibilities, adhere to the political discipline in the various disciplines相关的主题文章: