This week, a number of heavyweight new car must have read you want to buy (video) winpm

The interpretation of this week must have a variety of heavyweight car you want to buy through the golden nine silver ten tail, the major manufacturers to launch a new car crazy. Whether listed or starting, are concentrated in the last few days of October. From the Guangzhou Honda crown Road, TOYOTA new 86 to the new BYD F3, GAC trumpchi GS8, you dare to say which one is not of concern? Of course, in addition to them, there are a variety of new car before laicourenao, destined to make this October at the end of the week has become a hot topic. A larger space interior more luxurious third generation BYD F3 this month listed models: Guangzhou Honda crown road listing expected release date: October 29th (listed) new bright spot: 1 Guangzhou Honda crown track medium SUV; 2 in advance will push 2.0T a total of 5 models, including four-wheel drive Starter Edition pre-sale price of 300 thousand yuan. Guangzhou Honda crown road information 370TURBO 9AT models listed sale price -370TURBO Elite Edition 9AT Deluxe Edition -370TURBO 9AT exclusive edition AWD30 million 370TURBO 9AT GLS AWD-370TURBO 9AT Extreme Edition AWD- Guangzhou Honda crown to adopt the "DYNAMIC· ELEGANCE (· Li Meng;)" design concept, to create a momentum of wide body and sharp the appearance of the front face. The new car is equipped with the full LED headlights, fog lights also uses the LED light source. In addition, the body side lines do not seem monotonous, black body pillar design to show the visual effect of suspended roof. Tail, the car uses a stylish full LED taillights. At the bottom of the silver plate and the front face of echo. Body size, the crown road body wheelbase is 2820mm. Interior, the crown of the road is still a continuation of the Honda family style, the overall feeling of the atmosphere and calm. And the new design of the crown road interior is filled with a sense of science and technology. In addition, the vehicle control with decorative wood table, the large size of the air outlet is surrounded by chrome. It is understood that the new car’s 1.5T models and 2.0T models will be used in different forms of shift structure, which 1.5T models will use the traditional mechanical shift, while the 2.0T model is the use of electronic key shift. Back to the back, you can see the spacious rear space and the back of the central armrest is also equipped with entertainment information control system, can adjust the volume, entertainment, and the rear curtain, etc.. 2.0T configuration, high allocation of vehicles will be equipped with electronic handbrake, automatic parking and driving mode selection configuration. In addition, multi-function steering wheel, one button start, seat heating, reversing radar, car body stability system is also readily available. GAC Honda crown road will be equipped with 1.5T and 2.0T two engines, which 2.0T engine maximum output power 200kW (272Ps), peak torque 370Nm. The transmission part is matched with a 9 speed automatic gearbox. In addition, the new car will be equipped with a AWD four-wheel drive system, and provides the standard, comfort, movement of three driving modes. Models: the GAC trumpchi GS8 listing is expected to release time.相关的主题文章: