This is not scientific! The ten unscientific home design yvette yates

This is not scientific! The ten Home Furnishing design unscientific introduction: there are many worthy points in the design of Home Furnishing Tucao, always make people’s life very inconvenient, Xiao Bian summed up the following points Tucao most common, don’t know if you feel the same? Come and look at the big ten unscientific unreasonable places in your home is there? This is not scientific! The ten Home Furnishing design unscientific plug design number is not enough: for example: moving a general electric will drag in the drag strip; the kitchen appliances have no spare plug; the night lying in bed playing mobile phone found no electricity, ready to charge the mobile phone, found no jack on the edge; no wash off Jack and use the hair dryer to blow hair what ah, very convenient. This is not scientific! Not separated from the design of the ten Home Furnishing unscientific toilet and bathroom, bath after the ground is always wet, a toilet and a foot pad. Conditional must install bathtubs and shower bath stand, two feel a world of difference. Do you think that one day you move back home, legs acid is dead, you are lying and standing shower, bath, which is cool? The bathroom with a glass partition method can solve this problem very well. This is not scientific! No lights or romantic wall design of the ten left Home Furnishing unscientific bedroom, and love in the love process, after a particularly useful or convenient to get up at night to go to the toilet, you can also open a small light and love niwai ah, say love like ah. Headlights will be too bright, the impact of interest. This is not scientific! The ten Home Furnishing design unscientific design of the bedside table a concealed drawer or box, inside some fun activities…… These things are not easy to hide ah, family and friends turn to see how embarrassing. And hide away, you will find it inconvenient to take these things out, feeling atmosphere is too damaged. So it’s a good choice. But I don’t know how to design…… This is not scientific! The design of the home of the ten unscientific for music like friends, in the kitchen and bathroom fitted with sound. A man cooking music to accompany you, no longer afraid of cooking for one, when taking a bath while pouring side with the song, singing a song, is really cool. IPad waterproof bag will be able to solve this problem. While taking a bath while listening to music is not a problem. This is not scientific! The ten Home Furnishing design unscientific kitchen vegetable washing sink and stove far away, so ready to get the dish when cooking in the table and the floor is all drip water, wash pot is not easy. If close to turn it all. Lampblack machine installed location is not convenient, every time want to look carefully cooked cooking down there, always afraid to hit the head. This small series really feeling ah ~ really is expected to have a scientific design to solve this problem. The design of a discharge blow wash station wall shelf, with take, wash your hair blowing, wash a small jewelry to get blown dry, super convenient. Then there is no need to find a hair dryer carry off all that one has it, don’t run out of line.相关的主题文章: