There is always a light waiting for you in the world ~ cotton mother-in-law can not sleep – Sohu mat barcarolle

There is a lamp waiting for you ~ "cotton mother-in-law can’t sleep" – Sohu maternal cotton mother-in-law can’t sleep the industrious and kind woman toss about cotton can’t sleep. Can’t sleep, how should do? The number of sheep! One sheep, two sheep, three sheep…… . well, how is can’t sleep?…… She wakes up repeatedly, everything is ready. However, cotton mother-in-law still can not sleep. Perhaps, cotton mother-in-law didn’t realize, let her sleep, because she is the reason for the heart of the family. This silent love, worried and anxious, are in the process of waiting without showing feelings expressed, touching. Looking at a warm picture, I can not help but think of a lifetime of life in rural grandmother. When the children have left home, have their own lives, in the yard or grandparents to accompany each other, never separated. The writer said that people’s life is waiting. We will one day be old, will keep in their own memory waiting. But before we wait, we need to be company. — a lot of aunt late at night, her warm, clean cotton house quiet. Cotton mother-in-law could not sleep, a sheep, two eyes, three sheep…… Still can not sleep. Cotton mother-in-law suddenly remembered in the outside of the chrysanthemum, she was afraid of chrysanthemum was frost hit, get up and put the chrysanthemum into the house. But…… Cotton mother still can’t sleep. She thought again that the door should be repaired. Cotton granny smeared with oil bolt, try and try. "Quack" sound without. She put the mug cotton on the table and opened the stove, began to boil. A sheep, two eyes, three sheep…… Ten sheep…… Cotton mother-in-law still can not sleep. She thought of the rhubarb on the outside, this guy is not cold ah! Cotton mother-in-law to rhubarb nest with straw. The rhubarb wagged its tail and cried with joy, "Wang Wangwang ~" a sheep, two eyes, three sheep…… Ten sheep…… Twenty sheep…… Cotton mother-in-law still can not sleep. Cotton and pat pillow, mother got up, and opened the box, shook the clothes. Cotton mother-in-law to the fire fan Wang, and put on a coat to go out to take care of her persimmon tree. She took rhubarb, with a rope to the persimmon tree dressed. Everything is ready, but the cotton mother or feel something is wrong. Cotton mother-in-law still can not sleep. She put on her coat, wearing a headscarf, carrying on the lantern. Go out for a walk! Her mother came to the entrance of the cotton tree, put lights on the tree, looking at the village road. The night is deep. The wind "call – Call -" blowing cotton, mother-in-law slowly walk back, slowly back to the yard. The door is open. Cotton grandpa came back – "old woman, how do you not sleep ah!" Cotton mother-in-law with big mug brew tea, cotton to grandpa.!相关的主题文章: