The woman was more than 2000 telecommunications fraud suspects were arrested

The woman was more than 2000 telecommunications fraud suspects were arrested because of what the "telecom company staff" guidelines of the telephone, to "police" the phone call the police, who lives in Chongqing City, Yubei District Lin cheated more than 2000 yuan. Recently, Yubei District Procuratorate on suspicion of fraud on the implementation of the telecommunications fraud in accordance with the law approved the arrest of wang. After listening to: "suspected of money laundering fraud, liar transfers her to requirements" your mobile phone is in arrears 2000 yuan." April 15th to April 19th this year, Ms. Lin, who lives in Yubei District connected to the phone claiming to be the staff of Shanghai Telecom Company in Jiading. The other said, a mobile phone Ms. Lin in Shanghai for the card arrears of more than 2000 yuan. Ms. Lin did not go through this card, when she wondered, other Schmidt, homeopathy "guidelines" Ms. Lin may have what problem, the report to the Shanghai Public Security Bureau of Jiading District City, and provide the alarm call. Think of the other side to his report, Ms. Lin immediately follow each other leaving for gospel truth, dial the phone number. Hello, this is the public security bureau." Sure enough, the other claiming to be public security bureau police. When Ms. Lin reported his name, the police told Ms. Lin, she alleged money laundering case, to cooperate with the investigation cleared of suspicion. Ms. Lin was on the other side of the identity that listen to each other so that already felt puzzled and didn’t want to, then in accordance with the other requirements to provide your personal information. After learning that Ms. Lin’s name, identity card number and bank card number, password and balance, the other told Lin need to deposit money in their bank account to the security account. Lin immediately in accordance with the requirements of the other side of the operation, has 4 times more than 2000 yuan on their own account to the other designated account. The next day, Ms. Lin reminder of the family, that he was cheated, it was the police for help. The prosecution: the crime of fraud prevention awareness to follow means of renovation, "this is a typical telecommunications fraud, but also the modus operandi of renovation." Undertake the Yubei District procuratorate prosecutors said today, telecommunications fraud crime means more and more advanced and specialized gang crime chain increased, more and more complex, it is impossible to guard against. According to prosecutors, in addition to the staff of the judiciary posing as fraud, the hospital also with typical cases in recent years to handle, to tease out the criminals of telecommunications fraud trick, to remind the public to identify and prevent. Telecommunications fraud alert trick trick: guess who suspects prior to the basic information of the victim, then call the leader or posing as relatives and friends, get the trust of the victim by saying the victim name, work unit, job etc., fictitious money cheat money in urgent need. Trick two: online find true love in a blind date or dating sites to meet the victim, through QQ or telephone contact and establish relationships online. To earn the feelings of the victim, after obtaining the trust of the victim, in order to meet, visit, the family is in urgent need of money on the grounds of the accident, defrauding the victim money. Trick three: congratulations in the grand prize suspects posing as a popular variety show behind the scenes staff, text messages or phone to inform the victim won the program group issued a lucky audience award.相关的主题文章: