The woman for the sake of the altercation with the shopkeeper revenge for many times to steal clothe

The woman because of an altercation with the owner in retaliation for repeatedly stealing clothes sent to friends, the original title: Inner Mongolia a woman quarrel with the owner said the thief stealing clothes in retaliation for the money, and the city of Xilinhaote has a wonderful woman stolen clothes, as is the owner of revenge. What is even more surprising is that she never crossed the stolen clothes, but gave to others. October 30th, the suspect was arrested by the Xilinhaote Municipal Public Security Bureau police station. October 24th, the district police station received a clothing store owners, said he lost a lot of clothes in the store. After receiving the alarm, police immediately rushed to the scene to determine the transfer of control, the suspect is a 40 year old woman. Its clothing fashion, medium size. Police remind the industry to pay attention to the main store. October 30th at 9 o’clock, the police station also received the landlord of the Koran police station, said the suspect woman appeared. Police immediately rushed to the scene and arrested the woman. Subsequently, the police seized 3 stolen clothes in her rented room. Under questioning, the suspect was an account, after she went to the clothing store to buy clothes, because the price problem with the owner altercation. In retaliation for the owner, she took advantage of the timing of the selection of clothes have been repeatedly theft, theft of clothes were given to her friends. Currently, the suspect has been under criminal detention. Source: Inner Mongolia News Network Editor: Wu Yan相关的主题文章: