The west to the East, Lu Yongan painting exhibition debut National Museum polartec

West to East Lu Yongan painting exhibition in National Museum "west to East Lu Yongan painting exhibition" opened at the National Museum on November 2, 2016. National Museum, deputy director Mr. Chen Lvsheng presided over the opening ceremony, China Artists Association of party secretary, vice chairman of association, Mr. Xu in the French League in China chief representative Mr. Diesel, Peking University Professor Luo French Dong Qiang speech, Mr. Lu Yongan delivered a speech. China international communication center executive chairman Long Yuxiang, vice chairman, vice chairman of Federation of China tide Chinese MEIXIE ho British, the famous painter Yang Yanwen, the famous artist Jiang Kun, China literary newspaper editor Zhu Hongzi, calligraphy channel chairman Wang Pingdeng hundreds of people attended. The French Constitutional Council President Laurent Fabius wrote in the exhibition Preface: Mr. Lu Yongan is a great master of color, his canvas to vision provides a beautiful color logo. Mr. Lu Yongan with Western painting techniques, reshaping the China tradition of painting; also, he had done for the confluence of two art world pioneering exploration of the work can not be: his work is the grand bridge of eastern and Western culture. Former French speaker, former chairman of the Constitutional Council Jean – Louis. Debre, French Prime Minister Manuel Valls, Paris mayor Anna Yidaerge, French ambassador Gu Shan, Cheng Baoyi, the French Academy of Western flange alliance in China chief representative respectively wrote. Shao Dazhen, Liu Dawei, He Jiaying, Yang Feiyun and Wu Weishan were also painters. In China National Museum held the painting art exhibition as the first leg of the world tour of the museum, is to express the author of the home country, the cultural ancestors of gratitude. Lu Yongan (French name Christian Lu), by Chinese painter, the French president of the International Association for cultural and artistic exchange. "East to West Lu Yongan painting exhibition opening ceremony held in November 2nd in China National Museum south hall hall morning. 58 pieces of ink, painting is on display of propylene, experience cultural artistic dialogue of Mr. Lu Yongan in France during the thirty-five years, as well as in the traditional and modern, East and West, as in the abstract between finding their spiritual path and unique painting language exploration and practice.相关的主题文章: