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"The Vitoria Abbott Museum China furniture" is a foreigner’s "Chinese furniture" — "the Vitoria Abbott Museum Chinese furniture" the soup Shixiang recommended bibliography "British Vitoria Abbott Museum in the country with" Craig points Ding Yiyun translation Shanghai dictionary Press published: August 2009 price: 70 yuan "the Vitoria Abbott Museum Chinese furniture" recommended reason in the book is not so good — for the furniture of not so deep, even errors exist in some places, but it provides the opportunity to see China furniture from another angle. Some of the details that we tend to be less concerned about, some of which we do not want to say, come from here. The study of Chinese furniture in Europe is far ahead of China (as early as the beginning of twentieth Century). But there is an interesting phenomenon is that these China furniture research scholars in the name of their books as a collective name incompetent (or too tacit) have their works, named "China furniture", so that now we were talking about "China furniture" when will the first note, Xie Siqi? Audi Lang Roach? Or DuPont? Or is that the book of Ann? In addition to the above four, there is a "China furniture", its full name is "the Vitoria Abbott Museum China furniture", by Craig points in many scholars under the help of the completed. The "China furniture" published later (1988, 1997 London first edition revised edition, 2009 Chinese, no landing) the four famous, but there is no doubt that this is a very interesting book. Is Chinese furniture to attract foreign scholars while reading this book, we can in the mind to construct such a vision: a British scholar from exotic "decoration culture" (when western scholars will Chinese furniture called "decorative art" of the China) attract, starting from the Vitoria Abbott the Museum of furniture, a little bit extends to the outside world, and find traces from various exotic ancient books, set up, history and outline of Chinese furniture. He is not like AIKE can be directly exposed to the Chinese culture, can only rely on the two or three hand of the research materials and limited examples of museums, the difficulty of the study can be imagined. But in this book, we can see a foreign scholar with rigorous attitude and very exotic language about the appearance of Chinese furniture. And said in the discussion China ancient furniture books in this book: "in the article, all things are not clear, the readers are assumed to be already on to discuss things in his book." On the contrary, everything in this book is based on readers on the basis of furniture "do not understand", such language than China type works hard, more suitable as a primer for beginners. The neglected daily journal相关的主题文章: