The Vitality Of The Packaging Sector

Marketing Packaging is an industry which, for the multiplicity of its functions, gives rise to unique product, a "design item that also responds to the needs of advertising and .munication, with a strategic role for the product and the brand." One can not help but notice that the development of the packaging has shifted its field from bare functionality to active element of the marketing mix. Then wrapping the products is of strategic importance for the .petitiveness of the .pany. In these years almost all packaging machines, especially manual or semiautomatic that did not have a high- packaging speed, were pneumatic machines. The evolution of of electric motors with the spread of brushless motors that led to lower prices, has allowed greater development of electro-mechanical technology on small packaging machines. The advantages of automatic packaging machines are several: improved reliability of the movements as reflected in applications such as centered printing and the stamping of packages; lower noise of the packaging machine; higher manufacturing speed; the elimination of .pressed air as its costs management. With the great success of 2007, Cibus Tec is preparing to the 2009edition, from October 27 to 30 in a phase of strong .petitiveness in the food packaging market. Every two years, from seventy years ago, in Parma the excellence in technology for the food industry meets here: the technical and marketing needs of over twenty thousand international food .panies can find in the macro areas of Cibus Tec, TECNOCONSERVE, Milc Multitecno, the more appropriate and innovative answers. On this basis, Cibus Tec will build its 2009 edition, which will take place in a year of fierce .petition, from which the values of winning will clearly emerge; it will be a reinvigoration of the program dedicated to foreign delegations and international visitors in general, the definition of a focus country in the Mediterranean area, paying close attention to the packaging industry, fresh pasta industry, cold chain, logistics and equipment for laboratories, fruit juice will characterize this year edition, which will enjoy a new exhibition lay-out, aimed at shrinking the event but safeguarding the identity of the exhibition areas and a new scheduling, Tuesday to Friday. The exhibition will be confirmed at Cibus Tec as an important step in the strategy and in the .munication mix of .panies operating in various fields of the food processing & packaging, able to guarantee returns in terms of business really .mensurate with its capacity for innovation and flexibility; while visiting Cibus Tec will increasingly be a necessary step in planning the construction of a new production or renovation of existing ones, by virtue of the characteristic of the Fair, unique in the world in this sense, of representing the productive chain of vegetable products or dairy in its absolute totality. Whatever the problem of a plant manager, at Cibus Tec there is the solution, because the future goes from here, ever! About the Author: 相关的主题文章: