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The Sichuan Meicheng heaven, not to will regret! – the rapid pace of life in the city of Sohu tourism let us miss how much beauty, why not put down the busy things in hand, while the summer vacation, taking advantage of the weekend, hurry to go on a trip to say go! 1, seven channel > > > reservoir;; >; a "Jiuzhaigou" is more beautiful than this place is a piece of artificial place, as Jiuzhaigou’s reputation, but the unique virgin mystery, not like Yubeng favored, but have the same expectations tramp over mountains and through ravines…… Seven Tibetan ditch, a more beautiful place than Jiuzhaigou! Seven reservoir ditch, located in the northern part of Sichuan Province, northwest Chuanzhusi Town, adjacent to the Huanglong airport. In the famous Huanglong scenic spot and the back part of the Jiuzhaigou scenic area. Covering an area of about fifty square kilometers, the grass deep wooden fan, peak forest, Brooks is uninhabited. The most beautiful scenery on the road, the most desirable place, in the distance. Take your pack and your tent and enjoy the fairyland! Free tickets: 2, > > > sinter beach;; > mysteriouswonderland tufas beach is located in Gongga city of Kangding Gongga Shanxi Po Shan (the original six BA Xiang) ERON village, at an altitude of about 4000 meters, belong to the alpine meadow Valley landform. In the sinter beach to watch the Shushan called the king of Gongga mountain is the best position. May have been to Huanglong bees will feel that the calcification of the pool of deja vu, but even more mysterious beautiful beach tufa. She was hiding in a valley surrounded by three mountains, from another hill slope down soil white calcification blockbusters, extending to the bottom after changing four colorful calcification of the pool, like a fairyland. Tickets: 25 yuan 3, Moss card > > > > > forgotten by the world a place card Moss Provincial Nature Reserve of Danba county is located in the northwest of the township, from the top of the hill overlooking the village of Moss card, like a blooming Mandala, mysterious and beautiful, quietly sleeping in the clouds, quiet serene. It attracts us with its unique mystery, and deeply rooted in our hearts with its unique beauty! Due to the high altitude, for riding enthusiasts, continued riding is still somewhat tired, before starting to prepare for possible period of want or need ready rations. A number of hiking enthusiasts came here, they just look forward to the world not to this beautiful place of sacred pollution, will be turned into a piece of paper! Free tickets: 4, Haizishan > > > > ancient ice remains the largest Haizishan in Litang and Daocheng between the two counties, the scale density is the one and only in China, named haizishan. At an average altitude of 4500 meters high on the mountain, such as the size of the 1145 Haizi God missed one thousand diamonds and the flicker in the mountains, the density of the China scale. For the sea相关的主题文章: