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The school made financial schedule more attention: the United States refers to counter efforts to continue [fundamental]: the matching period in Europe yesterday, Delagi [micro-blog] president of the European Central Bank said in a speech: if the price stability threatened by the European Central Bank will take action. This statement makes the market again warming of the ECB easing is expected to further expand, the euro hit, fell sharply, the United States refers to moderate for two consecutive trading days rose, technically, bottoming out obvious intent. In this case, the market will pay more attention to the early hours of Thursday morning the Fed minutes, if it is a hawkish speech, will further boost the United States that strong, if still dovish bias, while the United States refers to the rising willingness and space will be suppressed. Another focus of Monday’s exchange is crude oil, and the market continues to ferment rumors that OPEC will reach a reduction agreement. Under favorable circumstances, crude oil continues to be strong since last Friday, and it also drives commodity currencies to rise as a whole. At the same time, the sharp rebound in oil prices, but also make the market risk sentiment further repair, hedging assets of the yen, gold and other significant decline, the scenery is no longer. At present, the trend of non US currencies is clearly differentiated due to their different factors. At the short-term trading level, we need to pay attention to this difference and adopt different trading strategies flexibly. [technology]: Euro dollar is now available at 1.1172. Yesterday the dollar tumbled, fell more than 120 points, two consecutive days in the daily line, currently in 1.0808 from the bottom up to 1.1377 of the 38.2 retracement. Today the trend is expected to adjust to shocks, 4 hours of graphic display, the exchange rate shot up after the fall, is testing the 60 period moving average and 38.2 retracement support, but the average side node high Sicha, indicating the exchange rate shocks. 1 hours of graphic display, the average system bearish low is the formation of MACD, indicating also concussion. Today, prudent traders can look at the euro, followed by high selling and low residue. Sell high, moderate and radical 1.1180 short, stop 1.1200, target 1.1160, 1.1120, 1.1080. Low slag, 1.1050 slag more, stop 1.1030, target 1.1070, 1.1100. Resistance position (recommended high position):1.1180 support position (recommended low slag position):1.1050 Australian dollar, now traded at 0.7164 line. Thanks to the United States fell and commodities rebounded, Australian dollar’s recent rally good performance. From the low of 0.6830 and the bottom rebound, the amplitude of up to 400 points. The current exchange rate is on the upward trend, and with the oil price and ore price getting warmer, the Australian dollar is expected to record more gains. 4 hours graphics show, the Australian dollar average long, MACD double line wear zero axis, long signal is obvious. 1 hours graphics show that the volatility of the exchange rate continued to rise after the fall, so you can choose to buy dips today. 0.7100 buy, stop 0.7080, target 0.7120, 0.7160, 0.7180. Support position (recommended low slag position):0.7100 (robust) Sina statement: Sina published this article for the transfer of more information.

校立理财:美指如期反击 多关注延续力度   【基本面】:   昨日欧盘时段,欧央行[微博]行长德拉吉发表讲话称:若物价稳定受到威胁 欧洲央行将采取行动。这一表态使得市场对欧央行进一步扩大宽松的预期再度升温,欧元遭受打压,大幅走跌,美指则温和拉升,连续两个交易日录得上涨,技术形态上,触底回升的意图明显。在此情况下,市场将更加关注周四凌晨的美联储会议纪要,如果是鹰派言论,则会提振美指进一步走强,若仍偏向鸽派,则美指的上涨意愿和空间都将受到压制。周一汇市的另一个焦点是原油,市场关于OPEC将达成减产协议的传闻继续发酵,利好之下,原油延续上周五以来的强势,也带动商品货币整体走高。同时,油价的大幅反弹,也使市场的风险情绪进一步修复,避险资产的日元,黄金等明显回落,风光不再。目前,非美货币的走势因各自不同的影响因素而明显分化,短线交易层面,需要注意到这种差异性,灵活采取不同的交易策略。   【技术面】:   欧元 美元,现交投于1.1172一线。昨日汇价震荡下跌,跌幅120余点,日线连续两天收中阴线,当前位于自底部1.0808上升至1.1377的38.2回撤位。今日走势预计震荡调整,4小时图形显示,汇价冲高后回落,正在测试60周期均线和38.2的回撤位支撑情况,均线偏多但高位结死叉,指示汇价震荡。1小时图形显示,均线系统偏空低位正在形成金叉,也指示震荡。今日稳健交易者可观望欧元,其次可高沽低渣。高沽方面,适度激进的1.1180沽空,止损1.1200,目标1.1160、1.1120、1.1080。低渣方面,1.1050渣多,止损1.1030,目标1.1070、1.1100。   阻力位(建议高沽位置):1.1180   支撑位(建议低渣位置):1.1050   澳元 美元,现交投于0.7164一线。得益于美指的下跌和大宗商品的反弹,澳元近期的涨势表现不俗。自低位0.6830筑底并反弹,幅度最高达400点。当前汇价受压于前期上升趋势线,随着油价和矿价的回暖,澳元有望录的更多涨幅。4小时图形显示,澳元均线多头,MACD双线穿破零轴,多头信号明显。1小时图形显示,汇价震荡回落后继续上行,因此今日可以选择逢低买入。0.7100买入,止损0.7080,目标0.7120、0.7160、0.7180。   支撑位(建议低渣位置):0.7100(稳健) 新浪声明:新浪网登载此文出于传递更多信息之目的,并不意味着赞同其观点或证实其描述。文章内容仅供参考,不构成投资建议。投资者据此操作,风险自担。相关的主题文章: