The Reasons Behind American Operations In

UnCategorized For several years Iraq is being occupied by American forces. Some people find that the American operations in Iraq is justifiable considering the existing situation in the the Middle Eastern country. However, there are also those who disagree with this action by the United States. These people argue that the problems in Iraq should be left for the Iraqi people and government to resolve. Here are some of the reasons that the United States has launched military operations in Iraq. * To free the country from the dictatorship For several decades, the Iraqi people were ruled under the dictatorship of Saddam Hussein. During that time, the people could not practice their rights because they were under the rule of a strict government. In 2003, the United States started its operations to free the people of Iraq from the dictator. And then in 2004, US turned over the rule of the country to the new Iraqi government. Various reports came out regarding the Iraqi citizens opinion on the US intervention. Some reports say that the citizens are thankful that they are now free. Other reports state that some Iraqis prefer the former government. * To prevent Iraq from invading neighboring countries During the Gulf War, Iraq invaded Kuwait. This was not approved by other countries and by the United Nations. To assist Kuwait in regaining its independence and to prevent Iraq from attacking other countries, the United Nations formed an alliance of forces that will stop Iraq from causing terror in the rest of the Middle East. * To find the weapons of mass destruction Iraq has been suspected to create and hide weapons of mass destruction. With the tendency of the former Iraqi government to launch attacks against other countries, the United States and other country allies searched Iraq for the laboratories where these weapons were being created. * To get a control on a major source of fuel The last reason for US operations in Iraq is a statement given by the people who doubt the sincerity of the actions of the US government. Some people believe that the real reason behind the US operations is to be able to control one of the main exporters of oil in the Middle East. There may be several reasons for the US operations in Iraq. And now that the country no longer has its former leader and dictator, it should prepare itself to move forward and join other countries in moving towards globalization. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: