The public offering a medium main shock like PPP stocks and high dividend blue chip

Public offering: A shares in the middle of the main shock optimistic about PPP stocks and high dividend blue chip Sina fund exposure platform: letter Phi lag behind false propaganda, the performance of long-term lower than similar products, how to buy funds pit? Click [I want to complain], Sina help you expose them! Original title: public offering: the downside risk is limited to the mid volatile Securities Times reporter Li Shuchao weekend stocks slump, Monday A shares Dikaidizou market. The Shanghai index fell below the 3000 point mark, a record low of nearly a month. Which non-ferrous metals, composite plate fell more than 4%, the plate fell Monday in the hardest hit". Many people believe that the public offering of A shares, the underpinning factors still exist, the middle of the market is expected to remain rangebound pattern, high dividend blue chip, fiscal policy under the stimulation of PPP stocks and emerging industry growth stocks are still structural investment opportunities. Multiple factors cause A shares "black Monday" boshijijin chief macroeconomic strategist Wei Fengchun believes that a weekend U.S. stock market crash, the main stock index hit a British exit after the referendum, the largest single day decline, the market expected the fed to raise interest rates has risen; on the other hand, the main contradiction in the current A shares is overweight regulation policy, speaking from a deeper level, the A shares in the top position and value changes. Wei Fengchun said, regulators of the A shares of the attitude is to make it to the rule tree; regulators hands are stretched more and more frequently, more and more far, and it has been almost unanimous opinion support. A backdoor, one or two linkage to characteristics of market management, market manipulation has become a hot topic in the hard object, the operation is relatively "suffered a tough game" window guidance has also become more, which makes the market speculation more difficult. Rich fund chief strategist Ma Quansheng also believes that the recent tighter financial regulation and deleveraging in the background, grading fund guidelines set up the investment threshold of 300 thousand yuan, in the short term or cause classification fund certain passive selling pressure; domestic market short-term risk-free interest rate decline is blocked, A shares with the Asia Pacific market with callback. Yimin Fund said that the financial supervision is still tighter, the financial leverage is expected to intentions clear, the overall market will continue to shock pattern, index change not too much space. In addition, the Mid Autumn Festival National Day holiday near the capital led to a strong sentiment, coupled with the Hong Kong and Shanghai funds continued to go south, but also boost the A shares black Monday quotes. Fortis leading growth fund manager Zhang Jintao said, in addition to factors affecting U.S. stocks plunged, with the Mid Autumn Festival, National Day holiday approaching, funds wait-and-see atmosphere is unprecedented, before the market remained uninterested, depressed mood. Ma Quansheng believes that taking into account the recent Shanghai and Hong Kong through the South continued funding, the stock market game environment, A shares or a short convergence. But he believes that due to the A-share market A micro profit is not bad, the probability of interest rate risk without a substantial tightening of supply side reform is not high, narrow fluctuations in the market, should cherish the layout of the opportunity brought by external shocks better. Bullish PPP stocks and high dividend blue chip multi theory相关的主题文章: