The price is too high to cause user dissatisfaction Apple usb-c adapter and peripherals price cut ssport

The price is too high to cause user dissatisfaction: Apple cut USB-C adapter and the new MacBook Pro peripheral price was only USB-C and Sina headset interface technology news Beijing time on November 5th morning news, Apple’s latest MacBook only provides the USB-C interface, which caused inconvenience to many users. In order to quell the user dissatisfaction, Apple’s decision to temporarily cut USB-C adapter and cable price. The new MacBook users need to use the USB-C adapter to connect various existing peripherals, including mobile hard disk, display, keyboard, mouse, even after the integration of USB, DisplayPort, Firewire and Lightning interface equipment. Apple also announced that it will reduce the price of all third party USB-C peripherals up to 40%. This includes the SanDisk USB-C reader, Belkin’s USB-C transmitter, and G-Technology and LaCie from the USB-C mobile hard drive. The latest Apple USB-C accessories prices are as follows: – USB-C to USB adapter, price cut from $19 to $9 – USB-C to Lightning cable (1 meters), the price cut from $25 to $19 – USB-C to Lightning cable (2 meters), the price down from $35 to $29 – USB-C digital video multi port adapter, price cut from $69 to $49 – USB-C VGA multi port adapter, the price down from $69 to $49 – Thunderbolt 3 Thunderbolt 2 adapter, multi port adapter price cut from $49 to $29 with HDMI, USB and USB-C, multi port adapter from $69 cut to $49 with VGA, USB and USB-C, the price cut from $69 to $49 Apple said in a statement, many users, especially Professional users, rely heavily on the traditional interface to complete the work, and they will face the problem of transition. Apple is willing to help them, and gradually turn to the latest technology, and accelerate the development of new ecosystems. Apple said: "by the end of this year, we will cut all the USB-C and Thunderbolt 3 peripheral price, and the price of apple USB-C adapter and cable." Apple also offers discounts on 4K and 5K monitors. Apple and LG co design and released last week, LG UltraFine and 5K monitors, the price of these two products from the previous $700 and $1300 were down by 25%, to $525 and $974. Apple’s move will not only be able to attract users to buy the latest MacBook Pro, will also benefit from Apple retail stores selling USB-C products manufacturers, including相关的主题文章: