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Chateau | original legendary quail, rhinoceros, lion, and are related to the winery and Sohu Abstract: you know we often discuss the quail, rhino, lion wine which is the winery wine? Let the wine world network (micro signal: @wine-world) with you to explore. Recently, with the small red rhino and quail with several friends gathered, sitting and noisy, toast each other, the bin Huan also. Raise, the guest said: "this rhino and quail taste very good!" Xiao Bian said: "they are not only quail and red rhino, their green rhino, orange lion, red lion…… Each one is excellent." I saw the table next to uncle uncle thought we look nervous, estimation in reselling national protected animal, or how surprised there are so many kinds of color animal, this young man is crazy? Uncle, please rest assured that these kinds of animal and animal is not really one, just like the Nita (La Spinetta) winery a series of Wine. This was the top three Italy Nita winery is a winery, in 2012 the Italy national Wine guide large shrimp (Gambero Rosso) said the magazine, as Nita won 36 wine history three cup, was named Samsung winery. Ranking before him, only beyond the legend — Gaja (Gaja)! On the difficult business stories inherited Riviti brothers (source: la-spinetta) in 1890s, Giovanni · Riviti (Giovanni Rivetti) from PieiTe Monte to Argentina, began the Riviti family (Rivetti Family) story. At that time, the Italians as general, Giovanni hopes to become a rich and powerful people, will be returning to create their own winery. Although the final Giovanni · Riviti’s desire has not been achieved, but his son Giuseppe · Riviti (Giuseppe Rivetti) after the marriage bought a vineyard, began planting grapes and brewing Wine. In 1977, Zhu Saipei created the Adams bin Nita winery. Chateau’s name "La Spinetta" means "peak", located in Astee Moscato (Moscato d’Asti) area. The area to produce fresh and simple wine based. In 1978, Italy’s first winery produced by single vineyard grapes Moss Cato Wine (Moscato). An aspiring history of 35 years, Giuseppe · rivitti and his sons from a small area of the original winery owner Moss Cato, became a respected Italy wine dealer, now, as Nita winery in Italy PieiTe Monte (Piedmont) area has three estates in Tuscany (Tuscany) region has a manor. They are!相关的主题文章: