The only son of the family because of the expense of telecommunications fraud was cheated 170 thousa onavo protect

The only son of the family because of the expense of telecommunications fraud was cheated 170 thousand pension and a telecommunications fraud was exposed. In January 31, 2015, Ganzi forest armed police detachment Yajiang brigade platoon leader Xu Hua, in the end the fire killed in a car accident on the way home, only 24 years old. Turn the car off the cliff of the moment, Xu Hua will be forced to sit beside him Comrade bang out, Liu escaped. Xu Hua was later identified because of the expense of their parents, to obtain the corresponding pension. Xu Hua’s father Xu Zhilun recently told the surging news (September 2015), and one family is immersed in the grief of losing her son, but was eyeing a liar. Xu Hua’s mother Shu Shangfang was in a company to do the accounting, a crook posing as company executives, from Shu naoyoshi cheated 170 thousand yuan. "This is the child’s pension." Xu Zhilun said that after the incident he called the police, has not solved the case. In August 24th of this year, Shu Shangfang suffered a similar fraud, they again through 110 alarm. Xu Zhilun said he suspected that his family information was leaked, liar may know son sacrifices and the government has given a part of pension. Shandong college students to see the Linyi Xu Yuyu cheated tuition fees, the police quickly solve the case of the message, Xu hope that the police can find the suspect who lied to him, the money is my son’s life ah". August 31st, surging news reporter called the Yichang Public Security Bureau Dongshan Branch duty room to inquire about the progress of the case, a police said the case is still under investigation, is not convenient to disclose the relevant details. Xu Hua (right) working photos. Only because of the expense of Xu Zhilun said, son of childhood dream to be a soldier, senior high school entrance examination finally ended, Xu Hua saw the firefighters put out the fire and the news on TV, "said to grow up to be like soldiers". In 2009, Xu Hua became a national defense student at Beijing Forestry University. Xu Hua in the University during the outstanding achievement, in 2013, many students want to be able to be assigned to a good place, but the initiative to ask Xu Hua to Sichuan, Ganzi. "He thinks of himself at the grassroots level." Xu Zhilun said. Xu Hua’s performance in the army actively, less than two years, when the Ganzi armed police detachment Yajiang brigade platoon. By the end of 2014, he was transferred to the Political Department of the armed police detachment of Ganzi forest exercise, mainly engaged in the propaganda work of the army. Xu Hua died unexpectedly, was found because of the expense. Sichuan television, Sichuan news network and other media coverage of his deeds, as a typical character publicity. The evening of January 29, 2015, Yajiang County meters long Xiang Jia Village in the forest fire emergency cashmere card. Ganzi forest armed police detachment Yajiang brigade officers and soldiers rushed to the scene to fight the blaze quickly assembled. According to the Sichuan news network reported that Xu Hua had volunteered to join the fire ground. The evening of January 31st, the fire was extinguished, according to the command, the troops ordered to evacuate the fire. Xu Hua carrying heavy equipment to ride back to the troops on the way, at a distance of meters long Xiang government located about 6 kilometers of rural roads, unfortunate accident, the vehicle plunged into the valley, Xu Hua and Yajiang County Committee, propaganda minister Tang Shijiao also killed. Sit beside Xu Hua in an interview with Sichuan TV Liu recalled, "the car rolled to a place, Xu long pushed me, I was rescued, he pushed.相关的主题文章: