The number of people killed in the attack in Somalia rose to 22 people – Sohu news guitarpro5

The hotel attack death toll rose to 22 people – Sohu news Xinhua news agency in Nairobi on 30 August, (reporter Nintaus) Muqdisho news: Somali police said 30 days, the number of deaths caused by Dutch act cable car bomb attack in Muqdisho near the presidential palace hotel of the day has risen to 22 people, another 30 people were injured. Somali information, postal and Telecommunications Minister Mikhail Mohamed? Abdi? Said to the media, when the attack occurred, the government safety officials are attacked in the hotel held a meeting, a minister and several journalists were injured in the attack. Witnesses told the media that the explosion sounded after the explosion, the scene raised smoke. According to local police officials at the scene of the explosion of afrah, part of the building mahad? The hotel was severely damaged. Extremist groups Somali Youth Party has claimed the implementation of the attack. "Youth Party" said the attack this hotel, not only because of the location of the hotel is adjacent to the presidential palace, "and here is an apostate and pagan place." Somali youth party is an extremist organization associated with Al Qaeda, in recent years, repeated attacks in Somalia and neighboring countries. The Somali security forces and the African Union forces launched a series of military operations to eradicate the extremist group.相关的主题文章: