The new Vios &amp star Yao; new corolla for happiness pilot melia kreiling

The new Vios & star Yao; new corolla for happiness pilot everyone has their own happiness. Whether this happiness is a personal drive through the noisy city streets, 32 friends drove to the countryside to have a picnic and put Longmen front, or one family while the afternoon quiet time driving to see red leaves Piaofei, there is a kind of happiness and VIOS or COROLLA of corolla vios. In September 28, 2016, FAW TOYOTA Vios, corolla VIOS new COROLLA double car market, far better than the same configuration, power carefree superior, have a unique style shape, lit up the night sky. Since then, the double star out of the glorious world, for the well-being of navigation. For the love of the home life of the user, this is undoubtedly a great surprise. The configuration is far better than happiness more than at VIOS and COROLLA because of its corolla Vios has comfortable configuration and widely trusted by users, the two car new VSC vehicle stability control system, TRC traction control system, HAC TOYOTA SMART and an auxiliary system of STOP intelligent oil saving start stop system, is far more than similar models, allowing users to not only more comfortable, feel more intimate. VSC body stability control system, starting from the immediate interests of the user, to further strengthen the active safety performance of the two cars. In everyday driving sleet weather, wet road vehicles are prone to slipping, at this point, VSC vehicle stability control system with the ABS will display skills to the full anti lock braking system, TRC traction control system, flexible response, maintain good body posture, preventive measures to make occupants feel comfortable. TOYOTA SMART STOP intelligent oil saving and daily driving life stop system is committed to make fuel consumption no longer plagued users, starting from the subtle, reduce fuel loss caused by engine idling temporarily when parking. Equipped with a TOYOTA SMART STOP intelligent oil saving start stop system, automatically shut down the engine will wait in the parking; need to continue running, as long as the light throttle, the engine will respond quickly, will not affect the normal usage, it also saves a lot of fuel. Free TOYOTA SMART STOP intelligent oil saving fuel consumption start stop system truly let users from unnecessary out, and the new COROLLA corolla is reduced to 5.4L fuel consumption per hundred kilometers, the new Vios VIOS to 5.1L fuel consumption per hundred kilometers, is the best interpretation of fuel for its powerful ability. Dynamic carefree happiness will want superior new VIOS and new COROLLA like the corolla Vios shine, and have different emphases. The new COROLLA corolla in the existing 1.6L, 1.8L naturally aspirated models based on corolla launched D-4T models, bring more desirable fun power for users. Corolla D-4T models using 1.2L direct injection turbocharged engine, the power performance is equivalent to the level of the 1.8L naturally aspirated engine. 1500-4000rpm wide speed range, D-4T direct injection turbocharged engine can output 100%:相关的主题文章: