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The lost children abducted the six frequent preventive measures the parents must remember Sohu recently about the lost children, maternal and child abduction cases occurred frequently, according to the Shenzhen public security micro-blog news, a girl in the morning of September 17th from Shenzhen Guangming New District Gongming mayor Chun village home to go out to play, is a black men walk. At present, the police have arrested the suspect in Dongguan, the safe rescue of the girl. On the surface, the disappearance of children is very far away from us, only on TV or in the newspaper to see that their homes will not happen. That exposed the paralysis, carelessness, lucky three psychological, to give children bring security risks missing, so parents must be prepared, nip in the bud. Parents must have six precautions (a) to allow children to move out of sight when children go out, we must always pay attention to whether the child is in the side or in the line of sight. Remember not to encounter an acquaintance or interested in things, just to chat or watch their own and forget the children, the result of children missing. (two) for children’s wear a bright coat with children when they go out, to give children to wear a bright coat. Because this bright coat is very eye-catching, easy to identify and find. In places People are hurrying to and fro. bright colors, easy to distinguish him in a crowd of children. But also the physical characteristics and the characteristics of clothing by children, for a rainy day. (three) from children to adults and children standing there to the regular education of children, adults and children once separated, one must stand in place, if the child is not sitting or squatting, don’t lie. Why? Children have been short, for example, in the house, if there is a child squatting down to the ground, you can not find how to find. This is a little knowledge that parents must teach their children. Once the child is missing, to report promptly. (four) try not to bring children to the busy place as far as possible not to bring children to large stores, lively streets, large venues, etc., so as not to get crowded. In addition, the prevention of infectious diseases. (five) do not let the children contact with strangers parents to educate children to contact with strangers, do not accept drinks, candy, gifts to strangers; something to strangers, not to give the food and drink can not eat or drink, and strangers do not hold her firmly, can never go with strangers. Beware of criminals by various means of defrauding the trust of children, child abduction. Do not let strangers take care of children when parents are in urgent need. Even if the time is very short, can not do so. Previous experience in public places, toilet door, children abducted a great chance. (six) in advance and children’s simulation of missing scenarios for the rehearsal of parents usually and children to simulate the response of the missing once. Parents should tell children in their lives, when they can be difficult to whom, where to ask for help. To the scenic spots or public places, so that children know a variety of signs, so that children through uniforms to understand the cleaning staff, security personnel, sales staff and shopping guide, etc.. Tell him the ticket office, ticket office, cashier, radio room waiting for these places can stay.相关的主题文章: