The license plate number can auction, is the key to charge

The license plate number can auction fees whereabouts is the key to the editorial license plate itself without bidding Liang sin, the key is its use and supervision to accept social supervision in a visible manner. According to surging news reports, since October 8th, the official opening of the Shenzhen unified version of the motor vehicle selection software, the random number will be randomly generated. Shenzhen more than two years of "good" auction rules, since officially canceled, the local official responded that the move was to improve the public sense". The license plate number of bidding, is not what happens. Shanghai city for the first time since July 1992 for the "Z" license auspicious number of auction, not long banned by the Ministry of public security, Guangdong, Zhejiang, then Henan, Hainan, Jilin and other places have good measures to take the auction. But there are many places, such as Shenzhen from there to cancel, really rare. Many people think that Shenzhen is a progress, in their view, with "6" "8" and even, implying the auspicious number also belong to public resources, should be randomly distributed as ordinary number, to the highest bidder, is man-made unfair. But fairness is not equal to eat, but to realize the maximization of social benefits in the means of optimization. In a license plate number and become scarce social resources because of the well head, it actually had a "moral premium", such as market access for resource allocation means is a good rule, which can use market rents rather than number of private, to meet the people on the part of a specific number of resources demands, can also be used to increase the income to engage in more public utilities. In Hongkong, general principles of government public auction is good, like the Hongkong king boss Yang Shoucheng in 1994 had the number "9" license plate cost HK $13 million. Liang "nouveau riche exclusive, sounds unacceptable," Liang fee "if the final for the public, it is also a good thing. The key is "pretty fee" where. In Hongkong, Hongkong Department of transportation will bring income to the auction number Lotteries Board, for charity and poverty alleviation, and regularly to the public, it also increased its credibility. In China the first implementation of license plate auction number Guangdong, 2006 "Guangdong road traffic safety management regulations" provisions of the auction, the vehicle number, should be approved by the municipal government above, all proceeds from the auction included traffic accident social relief fund. Shenzhen license plate auction in 2014 to engage in pretty clearly, the income auction will implement the "two lines of revenue and expenditure management, full Treasury, included in the budget management, mainly for road construction and road traffic accident social rescue fund shortage. Although mainland China (including its license plate auction) places are clear, the auction proceeds directly into the treasury or as a special fund, but most places undisclosed the capital operation, specific expenditure, use the money where the regulatory initiatives are what the original transparent information into the operating room. Even if there are transparent, also was not expected to put money into practice, like in Guangzhou, "Guangzhou traffic accident social rescue fund management rules" prior to the implementation of the hundreds of millions of dollars in car license plate auction revenues except costs, basically not activated. Open "相关的主题文章: