The Kuomintang announced the party public sharing fund system accounted for years will exceed 200 mi

The Kuomintang announced "the party public sharing fund system" accounted for years will exceed 200 million – Beijing China Taiwan network November 10th news according to Taiwan’s "today" reported that the KMT assets were frozen, facing the financial operation difficulties, in order to improve the long-term financial plan, the KMT Central Standing Committee by implementation of party officials, responsibility of raising funds for 9 days, will the office is divided into 26 categories, a rough estimate the annual revenue of about 220 million yuan stable (NT, the same below), which, by the chairman of the annual maximum amount of NT $10 million liability. According to reports, the KMT chief vice president Zhan Qixian said, for the future in the absence of property and other income, the implementation of new measures, the throttle is streamlined, open source will begin to implement the "party public fundraising quota system, the implementation of the approach has been in the future through and begin to implement. The KMT party chairman planning, responsibility each year the amount of 10 million yuan, vice chairman of the total 10 million yuan, 2 million yuan in the municipality mayor, member of the Standing Committee, municipality, county mayor 1 million yuan speaker, compulsory executive and regional legislators, municipality, county speaker, deputy speaker of the local party vice chairman of duty 500 thousand yuan, not in addition to partition legislators per month paid 100 thousand yuan, annual turnover of more than 300 thousand yuan fund-raising responsibility. Zhan Qixian said that the plan has been related with the Legislative Yuan caucus discussed, but always called Liao Guodong said in an interview, before the Party Central Committee authorized by caucus decided to discuss the fundraising amount, but now directly out of an amount, must be held a conference to discuss. According to the KMT, the DPP public fundraising reference system, after many discussions and deliberations within the party, gradually build consensus. The KMT believes that in order to save the country had to, it was necessary to consider the future of the party. But in order not to increase the burden of public officials, Party membership dues special measures are not included in the DPP’s unique in the way. (Taiwan, China)相关的主题文章: