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Movies-TV Television or the TV is such an integral part of our modern lives. Just like we eat, drink and bathe everyday, we watch TV everyday. Ever wondered about the invention of this friend of ours? Let us peek into the history of TV or television. The word Television’ is made of two words Tele meaning far’ in Greek and Vision meaning sight’. Today it has many names like TV, Telly, Boob tube and Idiot Box. Television has evolved over the years and the credit of its invention does not go to a sole person but to a number of people. 1831 Electronic .munication first saw light in 1831 with the work on electromagnetism by Joseph Henry and Michael Farday. The TV had a display of 3 inches. It has a small motor with a spinning disc and a neon lamp. It produced a reddish orange picture which was blur. 1900 The first International Congress of Electricity was held at the World’s Fair in Paris. Russian scientist Constantin Perskyi used the word Television for the first time here. During this time John Baird worked on the Mechanical TV. 1906 The first mechanical TV was born. Boris Rosing used the .bination of Nipkow’s disk and a cathode ray tube for this. 1927 The first electronic Television created by Philo Farnsworth transmitted pictures on screen. 1928 Regular TV broadcasting began in 1928. GE started broadcasting in the US with a 24 line system from one station. By the end of the year there we 15 stations broadcasting on TV. 1930 The first TV .mercial was broadcasted by Charles Jenkins. The BBC or the British Broadcasting Corporation began regular TV transmissions. 1935-1941 The Electronic Television saw many changes and was perfected during this period. Many countries began broadcasting services. But very few people owned TV sets. 1946-1949 This was the time just after the Second World War. People spent lavishly on luxuries as they had money accumulated in the war years. That was a boom time for the Television. America and England witnessed tremendous sale of TV sets. 1950-1959 The TV boom continued with the sale of Black and White TVs. In 1953, the first colour TV was born. This decade also saw the emergence of Remote Control for TV. 1962 The first satellite for TV broadcasts was launched by AT&T. Broadcasts now were international. In the 1970s, video recordings came into picture. VCR was introduced. The later decades saw DVDs and progress in the TV screens like flat screens, Plasma and LCD screens. About the Author: is a platform which allows people to buy and sell products at a fixed price. Sellers enter their products, e.g. movies , stating the price and condition of the item. Buyers can surf through the site, looking for items by category, searching etc. Article Published On: Model NO.: YL-007M3DX Type: Home Alarm Signal Transmission: Wireless Alarm Working Mode: Passive Application: Indoor Sensor Type: China facory! NEW Business GSM+PSTN alarm security system 1.2Attentions before usage 相关的主题文章: