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The guy was dissatisfied parents killed parents looking for a girlfriend press original title: guy killed because of dissatisfaction with the parents urged parents to find a girlfriend core tip: October 8th, Yanshi Town Village, Chengguan Town, Zhang couple was found dead at home, the body multiple stab wounds, and the corpse has been rotten. The local police after receiving the report, after 9 hours of investigation, the results of a surprise. According to the Yanshi police informed that the murderer killed Zhang couple is only 25 years old son, because of dissatisfaction with the parents and urged him to find a girlfriend, on September 30th morning drink will kill parents after fleeing the scene, Zhang has Xingju, the case is still pending. The couple: morgue within 9 days, the body odor was found Zhang couple more than and 40 year old, was killed at home that caused a stir in the local, there are users on the network to disclose it. Dahe reporter linked to a local informed users, he said, in the early morning of October 8th, Zhang’s grandfather found a smell in the house, there are a lot of flies, but can not find something rotten. Zhang couples in the closed door, asked the grandson Zhang, but he lied, parents in the field of tourism. "Their family from the house outside the window with a flashlight to look at the house, only to find the couple lying in the house." The netizen said, then the police, the police will open the door to the door and found the couple had died, the body has been rotting, the death time should not be short. Yesterday afternoon, reporters rushed to the town of Chengguan Town Dahe village of Yanshi City, the friends that have been the villagers confirmed that Zhang was taken away by the police investigation. Subsequently, the reporter found Zhang and other relatives, but the other said, two people are buried today, it has been reluctant to talk about. Visit: the suspect is an only child, was abducted in the village seems xianzao, Zhang couple man friendly, see also very enthusiastic, did not expect to happen, more surprising is that the murderer was his own son. According to the villagers, Zhang was the only son, who graduated from high school, working outside, there is no formal job, parents are also very good for him, after all, have a son." Home has just renovated the house, but also to prepare for Zhang wedding. The villagers Zhang impression that he has some introverted personality, do not love to talk, and sometimes do not greet how to greet. For the villagers, the other family members confirmed the suspect’s statement. Children are more introverted, usually do not love to talk, after graduating from high school to go out to work, and now there is no formal work." In addition, some villagers said Zhang, more than and 10 years old, nearly by traffickers. "I was at home near the entrance to the stolen car, fortunately the car broke down halfway, the driver got off to check the vehicle, Zhang took the opportunity to escape, rescue at the roadside shop, just rescued." The villager said. Progress: because of dissatisfaction with the family urge to find a girlfriend to kill animals read criminal suspects have been detained for 10 days about 11:26 in the morning, the Yanshi Municipal Public Security Bureau official micro-blog "safe Yanshi" issued a warning that, after 9 hours of intense work, in the city of Yanshi City Jun相关的主题文章: