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The Great Wall car sales in October to break one hundred thousand Haval H6 "Yiqijuechen" in late November 4th, Great Wall Motor Company released the October 2016 sales letters, October sales totaled 104844 vehicles, an increase of 30.58%, single enterprise sales break one hundred thousand mark; the 1 is October total sales reached 794836 vehicles, an increase of 19.18%. SUV rising sales of pickups with run according to the market segmentation robust car division: SUV hot trend remains the same, October total sales of 94005 vehicles, an increase of 39.98%, accounted for 90% of the proportion of the total sales. Sales rose, the total ratio decreased, October pickup car, not resigned to playing second fiddle. Car field, the Great Wall C30 (Senate with pictures, pictures, inquiry) models in October sales of 2420, in the field of the Great Wall is not good at most, sales growth is rare. But compared to the same period last year fell 29.61%; the Great Wall C50 (ginseng, pictures, inquiry) models in October still no sales data, the car in the field of overall sales continued to decline year on year 54.65%, is still not optimistic about the situation, the overall proportion of sales accounted for 2.3%. Wingle pickup October sales increased steadily to 8419 vehicles, an increase of 7.95%, because the pickup market other brands Wingle pickup slowdown A new force suddenly rises., accounting for 8% of the proportion of the total sales. October behind the hot sales, compared to September, the growth point in the field of SUV. In addition, the October the Great Wall automobile production capacity of 108880 vehicles, the export market sales rose slightly up to 1606 vehicles, down 24.07%. H6 alone H7 to be a new growth point in the steady segmentation models, compact SUV hover H6 (ginseng, pictures, inquiry) become the Great Wall car flag. In the latest family design language of the Harvard H6 lanbiao sport edition models, October sales increased to 56667 units, an increase of 50.95%. In the SUV field, has not yet appeared models close to H6 sales. Even if their own small SUV hover H2 (ginseng, pictures, inquiry), October sales of 21079 vehicles, an increase of 25.58%, only half of the H6 vehicle sales. Market positioning and medium SUV hover H7 with dislocation competition, sales increased month by month, October sales of 6134 units, is expected in November, the series of H7L version and the H7 version of the red label label after the listing of sales will have a small blowout. In the field of large SUV hover H8 (ginseng, pictures, inquiry) sales continued to decline, in October sales of only 501 units, down 51.36%, while the hardcore SUV hover H9 (ginseng, pictures, inquiry) sales completely below 1000 mark, October sales of 928 vehicles, an increase of 23.08%, but has been gradually marginalized. October the Great Wall car sales blowout trend is expected, the Great Wall SUV in its own brand has established a strong brand image, it is difficult to be surpassed in a short time. However, according to the previous situation, in the next November, the Great Wall car sales will gradually stabilized, waiting for the root of a new growth point.相关的主题文章: