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The Great Wall: at the end of this year to complete the asset and strive to lead the war work – reporter Chen Yingying China the Great Wall Asset Management Co (referred to as the Great Wall assets) President Zhang Xiaosong recently in the company’s 2016 annual work conference revealed that the Great Wall asset to the end of the first quarter to complete the shares of listed companies, to reform and supporting mechanism; and strive to the end of the completion of warhead work. 2016 will set up the disposal of non-performing assets acquired "," urbanization of mergers and acquisitions and mergers and acquisitions of listed companies and 3 single scale up to 10 billion yuan of special funds. To the end of 2015, the group balance sheet assets amounted to 511 billion 300 million yuan, attributable to the parent company net assets of 47 billion 800 million yuan, an increase of 37%, the sharp appreciation of state-owned capital; annual profit before provision for 14 billion 800 million yuan, return on assets of 2.62%, net assets yield 18.85%. In 2015 the annual the Great Wall asset asset purchase package 148, and active and 32 financial institutions headquartered in docking, innovation cooperation mode, cooperation with a number of financial institutions to carry out the batch of non-performing assets disposal, and actively explore the non-performing asset securitization business. The annual cumulative development of mergers and acquisitions of 223 projects, the successful operation of ST super day, sea port construction, Dalian machine tool 45 mergers and acquisitions and equity investment projects to achieve better economic and social benefits. In addition, the 2015 the Great Wall assets through mergers and acquisitions means not only include banking, securities, insurance, trusts, funds, leasing and other financial full license, the formation of the financial holding group pattern, and all achieve absolute control of the main financial subsidiaries. Among them, the longevity of life to achieve unilateral capital holdings, the shareholding ratio reached 70%; the the Great Wall trust of direct and indirect holdings amounted to 52%; the Bank of Deyang the Great Wall fund working capital adjustment of ownership shares, etc. have also made progress. Financial subsidiaries to further improve the business qualification. Guorui securities in great wall white upgrade national integrated securities, to achieve full coverage of business and full brokerage license; international get SFC 1, 4, 6, 9, investment banking business license, qualification is complete, and the establishment of the former sea equity investment fund company in Shenzhen city; long have been absorbed into the asset management fund special members of the securities investment fund association. Enter Sina Financial shares] discussion

长城资产:力争今年末完成引战工作    □本报记者 陈莹莹    中国长城资产管理公司(简称长城资产)总裁张晓松近日在公司2016年度工作会议上透露,长城资产力争一季度末完成股份公司挂牌,以及配套体制机制改革;力争年末完成引战工作。2016年将分别成立“不良资产收购处置”、“城镇化并购重组”和“上市公司并购重组”等3只单项规模达百亿元的专项基金。    至2015年末,集团表内外资产达5113亿元,归属母公司净资产478亿元,同比增长37%,国有资本实现大幅增值;全年实现拨备前利润148亿元,资产收益率2.62%,净资产收益率18.85%。    长城资产2015年全年收购不良资产包148个,并主动与32家金融机构总部对接,创新合作模式,与多家金融机构合作开展不良资产批量处置,同时积极探索不良资产证券化业务。全年累计开发并购重组项目223个,成功运作“ST超日”、港海建设、大连机床等45个并购重组和股权投资项目,取得较好经济效益和社会效益。    另外,2015年长城资产不仅通过并购重组手段囊括银行、证券、保险、信托、基金、租赁等“金融全牌照”,形成金控集团格局,而且对主要金融类子公司全部实现绝对控股。其中,对长生人寿实现单方增资控股,持股比例达到70%;对长城信托直接和间接控股合计达到52%;德阳银行增资扩股、长城基金股权调整等工作也都取得阶段性进展。金融类子公司业务资质进一步完善。    国瑞证券在长城入主后升级为全国性综合类券商,实现业务全覆盖和券商全牌照;长城国际获得香港证监会1、4、6、9号牌照,投资银行经营资质齐全,并在深圳前海设立股权投资基金公司;长城基金被证券投资基金协会吸纳为资产管理类特别会员。 进入【新浪财经股吧】讨论相关的主题文章: